A retro photo of Germán Martitegui went viral and the networks exploded: “Alta facha”

German Martitegui He was already a renowned chef on an international scale, but as a result of his participation as a jury in MasterChef Celebrity (Telefe) achieved a maximum peak of popularity. In 2020 he had him as one of the characters of the year and he is already preparing for the second season that will air from Monday, February 22 at its usual time of 10:30 p.m.

A celebrity among chefs, the owner of the prestigious Tegui restaurant, which ranks among the top 100 in the world, surprised in the last hours by sharing a retro image yours on social networks: there he showed himself like never before, all tanned, with a great look and showing off a great blonde hair.

Germán joined the trend of Instagram and shared a photo from the past. In the social network, users commonly know it as #TBT, or “throwback thursday ‘or Creole:“ back to the past on Thursdays ”. The photograph quickly caught the attention of Martitegui’s followers (he has more than a million) and, most of them, reacted surprised at the great mane that the cook carried, in his twenties.

Germán Martitegui surprised with a photo of his past when he had a great blonde hair.

Quickly were the ex MasterChef who reacted to the retro image of the young Martitegui. “High appearance ”, wrote Belu Lucius, one of the most histrionic participants of the first season of celebrities. Later, Analía Franchín joined, with another comment: “I’m dying.” For her part, Damien Betular, who accompanies Germán as a jury for the gastronomic reality show, expressed his surprise with an onomatopoeia: “ohhh”.

Damián Betular, Belu Lucius and Analía Franchín reacted to Martitegui's posting.

Damián Betular, Belu Lucius and Analía Franchín reacted to Martitegui’s posting.

Since he broke into the media, back in 2014 when he participated as a jury for the first season of MasterChef, the cook was always known with his shaved look. In a note that he had given to Telefe, before starting the celebrity season, he acknowledged that he wanted to fight the issue of baldness, but lost the battle when he began to lose hair before he was 30 years old: “I did not want to be bald So I thought about getting my head tattooed, but then I regretted it. “

During the last week, Martitegui had been on everyone’s lips after the prices charged in his restaurant Tegui went viral. A Twitter user shared images of the dishes that are presented in his restaurant and settled the chef for the cost (around 8 thousand pesos) that he puts at the service of steps of his dishes.

German Martitegui in an old photo, with hair that the cook himself had uploaded to his Facebook account in 2016.

German Martitegui in an old photo, with hair that the cook himself had uploaded to his Facebook account in 2016.

“I went to see the dishes at Germán Martitegui’s restaurant and I am outraged. It sucks me an egg that they say that this is the gourmet food, it is an armed robbery disguised as art to charge you a fortune for LITERALLY 1 (ONE) ASPARAGUS”, the young man wrote indignantly about the gastronomic preparations that correspond to the menu of steps that Martitegui offers in his restaurant. And yes, not a hair fool …



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