“A risk that it is not at all interesting to open”

The deconfinement modalities are now known for bars and restaurants from May 19: terraces can reopen but with a 50% gauge and tables not exceeding six people, until June 9. Europe 1 met the manager of a Parisian restaurant who is no longer sure that it is “interesting to open”.


We knew the dates of the return to normal life – May 19, June 9, June 30 -, we have known the modalities since Monday. For bars and restaurants, the bad surprise is that there will be a gauge for the terraces which reopen next week. On May 19, they will be limited to 50% of their maximum capacity, and tables of 6 people. It will be necessary to wait until June 9 to reopen them entirely, which worries Jade, the manager of the restaurant “Le Petit Thaï” in Paris in the 7th arrondissement.

Means for “not much”

“This means committing a lot of resources for not much,” laments the manager. “If we can only put ten or fifteen people on the terrace instead of twenty or thirty, that risks changing the situation. We will try to adapt with our customers so that they eat at different times. . But there is a risk that it is not at all interesting to open.

For the restaurant, the question will therefore arise: to open or not between May 19 and June 9? “Because it means hiring more staff, putting in more resources … We don’t buy the same things when we do take out as we do on the spot,” says Jade. “We were preparing with both, we have already ordered pretty much everything. We have to rethink everything.”

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