a ruined columnist, he reveals how he got into bad debt

TPMP it is a large team of columnists from all walks of life, led by a animator essential, Cyril Hanouna. In the band, there are personalities that the audience of C8 discovers thanks to TPMP. But there are others who are well-known figures in television. This is particularly the case with Benjamin Castaldi. He was a host before joining the band of chroniclers of TPMP. He is also the one who presents Cyril Hanouna’s show every Friday evening. To “come down” thus from a post of host to that of columnist, fans of TPMP imagined that Benjamin Castaldi could have money problems. Well, they weren’t wrong and the columnist no longer hides it.

TPMP brings together the cream of the chroniclers around Cyril Hanouna

Benjamin Castaldi was a flagship television host before joining TPMP as a columnist. He was the essential host of the Loft Story especially. But also of The New Star or even Secret Story. First on M6, then on TF1, the one who replaces Cyril Hanouna in TPMP has Friday night changed his career plan? Interviewed in Non Stop People, Benjamin Castaldi remembers his heyday. He does not hesitate to confide then that his financial situation is quite simply a disaster now.

During a previous broadcast of TPMP, Benjamin Castaldi had admitted that when he was a host for major shows, he was earning a very good living. At TF1, he earned more than a million euros per year! Between 1.3 and 1.7 million euros per year more precisely. But then, how with such sums pocketed, the now chronicler of TPMP can he be in financial difficulty? Would Benjamin Castaldi be a high roller? He who is however the father of a large family, it would really not be reasonable.

In reality, he was unfortunately the victim of a phenomenal scam. Thinking of investing in real estate, he will simply find himself aggrieved by his money. The scam took place in 2003 and the columnist of TPMP has not yet been successful in the justice system. So when the reporter from Non Stop People suggests that he ask Cyril Hanouna for an increase, Benjamin Castaldi retorts that this will be far from sufficient. To get him out of trouble, he would have to be able to win the lottery, he said.

Very significant financial difficulties, even insurmountable

A blow for the former host of the first reality TV shows. Work years to amass enough to carry out crazy projects only to end up getting ripped off. Something to depress anyone to the highest point. Fortunately, Benjamin Castaldi has his family to count on and his job to give him purpose. In TPMP, he seems to be thriving and television is not a foreign field for him. Maybe over time he will be able to find a role as a facilitator in the long term? In the meantime, Benjamin Castaldi will have to deal with his money problems. But this story may surprise more than one!

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