A Saudi bride asks for a divorce on the wedding night after the groom took off his clothes.. What he did to her on the first night made her go crazy and run away!! (Details of what happened)

Saudi writer Ali Al-Zamil reported a shocking story of an incident that occurred between a married couple in the early days of marriage.

Here we republish the text of the article as it was reported and circulated by Saudi media: Undoubtedly, the early days of marriage represent the most important pillar in terms of intimacy and rapprochement between spouses as it draws and forms the first impression between them.. Wife’s affairs only!? I read to one of them, resentful, saying: I was shocked on the night of the wedding, when my husband was wearing (pants and a undershirt), so I was disgusted and disgusted at his appearance and almost asked for a divorce until I got used to him and things moved!? is over ..

I am surprised that some people care about their standing when they go out and wear the best brands while at home (pants and undershirts), knowing that there are elegant “robes and pajamas” especially for intimate relationships and inexpensive, at least in the first months of marriage (they give you no rights over the pants and undershirt)! .

By the way, when the wife sees her husband, he does not care about his appearance, for sure, it will reflect on her, and she will not care about her appearance.. Do not ask your wives to dress up and dress while you have not stopped wearing shorts and undershirts!?.

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