A Saudi prince comments on the movie “Ambush”, which shows the work of Emirati soldiers in Yemen

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)—Prince Sattam bin Khaled Al Saud commented on a movie called “Ambush”, which depicts the work of Emirati soldiers in Yemen.

This came in a tweet to the emir on his official Twitter page, where he said: “The ambush movie is a mighty Emirati action that tells the details of the work of the Emirati soldiers in Yemen. May God have mercy on the martyrs of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Yemen and Sudan and all the martyrs of the Arab coalition whose blood mixed for the sake of Yemen and its people.”

According to the Al Bayan newspaper issued by the Dubai Media Incorporated, the movie Al-Ameen is “the largest cinematic production in the Arabic language in the Gulf Cooperation Council region, and all the scenes of the movie were filmed in the UAE, with the participation of actors and a crew of more than 400 people.”

The starring role in the film is played by a group of Emirati talents: “Marwan Abdullah Saleh, Khalifa Al-Jassim, Muhammad Ahmed, Abdullah Saeed bin Haider, Saeed Al-Harsh, Hassan Youssef Al-Balushi, Khalifa Al-Bahari, Ghanem Nasser, Mansour Al-Faili, Hussein Saeed Salem, Abdul Allah Al-Rashidi, Talal Al-Balushi, Omar bin Haider, Ibrahim Al-Musharkh, Abdullah Al-Muqbali, Salem Al-Tamimi, Muhammad Faisal Mustafa, Maitha Muhammad, Yaqoub Thabet, Salem Musabeh Khamis Al-Aimi, Saud Al-Kaabi and Mahira Abdul-Aziz,” according to Al-Bayan newspaper.


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