A Saudi teenager is having sex with his sister. When she dared to tell her father what was happening, the unexpected surprise was!!

A Saudi young man forced his sister to practice vice with him, as happens in adulterous films. The young woman, called Ghadi, admitted that her brother was watching vulgar films for the price of forcing her to apply the clips with him.

She indicated that she complained to her father, but she did not find a listening ear, which shocked her as if the matter did not concern him, which prompted the girl to social networking sites to spread her message and demand that she be saved from this criminal act by her family members.

The Saudi girl, Ghadi Eid Al-Ahmadi, did not find a way to express her suffering, except by resorting to social media. For many years, she claims, she remained a victim of sexual harassment, without listening to her complaints, even within her family.

And the girl shocked everyone that her father did not pay any attention to the matter, but rather he asked her to be silent. Ghadi said in a widely circulated video that she was “harassed and assaulted for six years” by her brother when she was between nine and fifteen years old.

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