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A second case of the Omicron variant identified in Réunion

A second case of the Omicron variant detected in Reunion, it is about a young woman returning from a stay in South Africa. No restrictions for the moment for the moment on the spot, but the Prefect calls all the same for “vigilance” while the hurricane season starts in Reunion, in other words, the rainy season.

But Reunion Island suffers from an endless drought. We had not seen that for more than 70 years, which underlines the secretary general of the Chamber of Agriculture Olivier Fontaine at the microphone of Hermione Razafinarive for Réunion la 1ere.

In Guadeloupe, a consequence of the public order disturbances in recent days, the prefect has decided to extend the curfew established between 6 and 5 a.m. An extension until Tuesday, December 7 which concerns 21 of the 32 municipalities of Guadeloupe.

In the archipelago, the situation is calming down a bit, but remains tense, especially for caregivers, some complain of violence and no longer hesitate to say that they are going to “throw in the towel”. Report by Peggy Robert for Guadeloupe the 1st.

And if in Guadeloupe, the dialogue with the State remains difficult, in Martinique on the other hand, the framework of the discussions is posed. We therefore got to the heart of the matter, notably with the first meeting of the “Health workshop”, a meeting which took place in a “good-natured” atmosphere. Mathieu Malo, Deputy Secretary General of Force Ouvrière Pompiers, at the microphone of Sophie Lonété for Martinique the 1st.

In the Pacific, in New Caledonia, the health crisis has accentuated the precariousness of part of the population. New people who have turned to the Saint Vincent de Paul association, as noted by its director, Jérôme Canevas.

New Caledonia, which is preparing for the referendum consultation on December 12th. More than 250 observers arrived in Noumea to ensure the sincerity and regularity of the third referendum. A United Nations expert mission is also present to oversee this referendum, which will ask Caledonian voters the following question: “Do you want New Caledonia to gain full sovereignty and become independent?”

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