A sector of the Cabezas neighborhood is isolated after 39 cases of coronavirus were detected

Amid the advance of the coronavirus and the growing concern of the neighbors, all the eyes of the provincial and municipal authorities of the Region rested today on the popular neighborhood José Luis Cabezas that shares jurisdiction with Berisso and Ensenada. In this context, from this morning the mayors of both cities, Fabián Cagliardi and Mario Seco, toured the popular neighborhood and supervised the new sanitary operations “house by house” to detect the presence of the virus. Also, 16 new positive cases were reported today, so the number of infections rose to 39. There are also 54 cases under study. The Buenos Aires Minister of Security Sergio Berni was also present.

In the afternoon, provincial and municipal authorities decided to isolate a sector of the neighborhood: the straight line of boxes that is next to the train tracks and that represents 14% of the total. It is the area that communicates with 129th avenue.

“There are the biggest infections. They are 220 people. We are going to take care of all of them. Do not enter or leave. Make it a great geriatric. The rest of the neighborhood has surveillance. The isolated will be brought food and medicine,” he confirmed. the Minister of Health of the province of Buenos Aires Daniel Gollán.

“To date, 39 cases have been confirmed between residents of the town of Ensenada and Berisso. The operation consists of a house-by-house analysis and testing of those with symptoms; this will continue until the spread of the virus is stopped. It is not yet decided to isolate the neighborhood, in the afternoon, based on those surveyed in the morning, a situation analysis will be carried out and the steps to be followed will be confirmed, “the Ensenada Municipality reported regarding the situation at the site.

This morning from the Ministry of Health of the neighboring city it was reported that an epidemiological investigation is underway and that it does not rule out closing the neighborhood, a measure that was implemented weeks ago in the Villa Azul neighborhood of the Quilmes and Avellaneda parties.

In a dialogue with EL DIA, the health secretary Mariana Estévez assured that “when the case arises, all possibilities are evaluated because we have to take care of the people in the neighborhood, be able to control (the virus), as well as take care of people from outside.”

“If we know that we have a focus in place, the epidemiologists will advise us. This exceeds the work of the two municipalities. We will be advised by the epidemiologists of the Ministry of Health of the Province, obviously with the full support of the Government, which we know that he is aware of and in line with our mayors, “said Estévez.

In that sense, he said that “based on that, the measures to be followed will be determined.” “The Ensenada Health Secretariat is referencing the cases, seeing the contagion chains and studying new cases. This is what we have been doing in recent days. Based on the results, decisions will be made.”

Regarding the measure adopted in Villa Azul weeks ago, Estévez said that “we are trying to see what results it obtained, it does not seem entirely sympathetic” but in the case of the Cabezas neighborhood.

In this regard, Estevez maintained that “the epidemiological investigation is being carried out, since the nucleus of two houses that we had until two days ago has been exceeded.”

And he added that “work is done between both municipalities, with the help of the Ministry of Health of the Province and the National University of La Plata. In this sense, we feel very supported. Like all deprived people, they lack basic services, they live in slots of wood. They have received social aid. We assist some 275 families. There are boxes that are new and others in worse condition. “

As for the policies that are carried out in the popular neighborhoods of Ensenada, he emphasized that “all neighborhoods are walked, neighborhoods are known, help is provided to canteens, to health units, vaccination campaigns are carried out.” “We have been working hard in our poor neighborhoods, always, not only because of this situation,” he stressed.

From the Berissense commune they explained that a sanitary approach is being carried out jointly between the Municipalities of Berisso and Ensenada and La Región Sanitaria XI, because the area affects residents of both cities.

“A health follow-up is carried out on the immediate relatives of the confirmed patients, who are also carrying out the corresponding isolation,” they explained.

“From the Ministry of Health of the Municipality continues with the health monitoring of the immediate relatives of the other 13 confirmed patients, who are carrying out the corresponding isolation,” they noted.

They also explained, the health follow-up of the immediate relatives of the suspected cases continues.

Regarding health operations, María Laura Cabrera, Berisso’s Health Secretary, had told EL DIA that “the swabs that are done are all close contacts of a positive COVID-19 with symptoms. People who do not have symptoms are not swabbed due to the fact that they do not reach the detectable viral load for the PCR ”.

They are made in mobile units and there is extreme care in hygiene and disinfection of all the items and special clothing they use.

The neighborhood is not isolated like Villa Azul, the shared settlement between the parties of Quilmes and Avellaneda where there are hundreds of cases. Although last week there was a police presence at the entrances, they are no longer present now and residents can enter and exit without inconvenience.


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