a separation with the video “Epilogue”, thousands of tributes

DAFT PUNK. The helmeted duo Daft Punk, pioneer of the French touch throughout the world, announced their separation in a video, “Epilogue”, creating a tsunami of reactions on social networks, between surprise and emotion.

The essential

  • The legendary French duo Daft Punk announced their separation in a video posted on YouTube on Monday February 22, 2021.
  • The video, which lasts almost eight minutes, is an excerpt from their 2006 film. Electrome. “1993-2021”, can we read in the video as an epitaph.
  • The date 1993 corresponding to the beginning of the Daft Punk adventure, a duo formed by Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and who will have been the standard bearer of the French touch in the world for 28 years.
  • A surprise separation for no official reason that created a global shock wave on social networks, where tributes numbered in the hundreds of thousands and raised a number of questions.

And immediately


23:05 – The tribute of the national gendarmerie to Daft Punk

For the occasion, the national gendarmerie reposted on Twitter a video of the French army which uses Daft Punk during the ceremonies of July 14. We thus see the orchestra resume several hits of the group in front of Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron.

22:03 – 12 million listeners per month

With the announcement of their separation, listening to Daft Punk’s albums increased on streaming platforms. “As often in this kind of event, we see that the listenings increase strongly, we see that people look again at the catalog and the hits of Daft Punk”, indicates Antoine Monin, spokesperson and music director at Spotify France with Europe 1. The duo already total “several billion streams on Spotify” and “more than 12 million listeners each month”.

9:00 PM – TV archive shows Daft Punk without their helmets

The show C à vous searched the television archives, and found images of the duo in the 90s. In a report from the show “C’est pas le 20h”, we see Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Man , without their helmets, which tell of their dazzling success.

8:01 PM – What if it wasn’t a real separation?

The French duo are used to spectacular publicity stunts. Faced with the news of their separation, some media quickly thought that it was perhaps a false separation. After the video posted on Youtube, the announcement was confirmed by their press officer, but that does not prevent certain from imagining a sequel to Daft Punk. The American magazine Variety, quoted by Le Monde, believes that it is “probable, given the history of the group, known for its nonconformism, that they will continue to release music, videos and any other project which they believe. It is even possible that this announcement is the start of a new project “.

19:01 – Tributes to Daft Punk to the Senate

Senator EELV from Rhône Thomas Dossus spoke about Daft Punk to Public Senate. He claims he has followed the duo since their debut. “Homework, the first album, for me, it’s the founding album of my musical culture. It’s a radical, raw sound. It can be listened to from the first to the last song. It was my youth”, details the parliamentary. “What is exceptional with them is a kind of discretion and a planetary notoriety”, for his part reacted Jean-Raymond Hugonet, LR senator of Essonne.

18:27 – The separation of Daft Punk, a bomb on Twitter

The world is in shock. A few minutes after the official separation of Daft Punk, Twitter began to tremble: as the Visibrain account reported in the evening, “there are 162,363 messages published since the announcement, an average of 27 tweets per second !” Daft Punk having easily climbed to the top of the most discussed topics, just like Discovery, Random Access Memories or Alive 2007, two albums and a tour of the helmeted duo.

18:09 – One last appearance of Daft Punk with The Weeknd

If Daft Punk haven’t released an album since Random Access Memories in 2013, their fans were able to find them in two duets, with Canadian singer The Weeknd: Starboy and I Feel It Coming, in 2016.

17:48 – Daft Punk on the Champs Elysées

Proof of their popularity in France and their anchoring in the tricolor musical landscape: the resumption by the army fanfare during the parade of July 14, 2017. On this occasion, a medley of several hits from Daft Punk was sung, like recalls the Twitter account of the Ministry of the Armed Forces:

17:32 – “Eternals”, for Jean-Michel Jarre

Since the announcement of the separation of Daft Punk, a wave of surprise and emotion overwhelms social networks. Among the hundreds of thousands of reactions, that of another French pioneer of electro: Jean-Michel Jarre, who writes on Twitter: “Daft Punk the end: eternal, moving, elegant like you. Thank you Thomas and Guy-Manuel . “

17:14 – “Daft Punk Unchained”, a documentary dedicated to Daft Punk

A good idea of ​​a program to watch for the nostalgic. In 2015, the documentary Daft Punk Unchained highlights Daft Punk’s 20-year career. Directed by Hervé Martin-Delpierre, it compiles vocal extracts from interviews given to radio stations, rare archives or even testimonials from their friends and close collaborators. We find in particular Pharrell Williams, Nile Rodgers, Kanye West and Michel Gondry.

16:58 – What if “Epilogue” was the beginning of the end?

On social networks, the surprise of the separation of Daft Punk is such that already, many theories are emerging. What if the title of their farewell video Epilogue, which means the last part of something, was teasing a revival for the duo? A new album? Doubts are allowed. But hope, too.

16:41 – Mystery about the causes of their separation

The flagship French electro duo created in 1993 did not give details on the reasons for their separation. After the publication of the video titled Epilogue, Daft Punk’s press secretary, confirmed the information of the end of the adventure to Agence France Presse, but the mystery remains unsolved.

16:27 – The duo who knew how to “create the mystery”

By remaining very discreet, away from current modes of communication and promotion, Daft Punk has differentiated itself. At the time of the release of their last album, in 2013, their former manager, producer Pedro Winter explained to franceinfo : “They knew how to create a mystery, they play on the fantasy. Everyone wonders what they look like, how it really happens. This is the key to their success”.

16:13 – “Homework” and the beginning of the french touch

If there is one date to remember in the history of Daft Punk, it is 1997. On January 17th that year the album was released Homework, which will sell a million copies worldwide. “We fell in love with Chicago house and we tried to do as well”, summarized Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo in Traxmag. The record marks the beginning of their global success and the birth of the French touch.

15:58 – A collaboration with the 113

They are the only French rappers who can boast of having collaborated with Daft Punk: the 113. The two groups joined forces in It was in 2002, for the song 113 screw it up.



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It is therefore via a video of nearly eight minutes that the most famous French duo in the world announced its dissolution, Monday, February 22, 2021. The clip, which lasts nearly eight minutes, is an excerpt from their film released in 2006 Electrome. We find them here in the desert, helmets, one of them exploding. The day after its publication, the video Epilogue exceeds 10 million views on YouTube.

A separation without even a musical goodbye? The pill is hard for Daft Punk fans to swallow. From their album Random Access Memories, released in 2013, fans of the French duo are desperately waiting for a sign from the performers of One more time. Daft Punk had since only appeared in 2016 alongside singer The Weeknd, for two singles, I feel it coming and Starboy. The rumors of return had also ignited the Web during the half-time of the Superbowl, where the admirers of Daft Punk awaited their arrival. So, is it really the end of the duo or a coup de com ‘before a return to music?

If the Daft Punk adventure is really over, the duo will take the secret from their face. Since their beginnings, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, their appearances with their faces uncovered have been rare. But by searching well, it is easy to find images. In 1996, a series of photos shows the duo without headphones at their beginnings, during a performance in a nightclub in Dijon. Another photo, in black and white, reveals the identity of the two friends, this time in 1995 in London, when Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo are only 20 and 21 years old. More recently, these were photographed during the release of Random Acess Memories in 2013, or by paparazzi, at Los Angeles airport, then upon their arrival at Roissy. A sequence unveiled at the time by the American site TMZ.

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