A septuagenarian beats an 85-year-old neighbor and ends up in the dungeon

It is often assured that reality surpasses fiction and some events reinforce this conviction. As happened in the municipality of Lucense de Baralla, where a man has been arrested on charges of having beaten a neighbor. So far, a deplorable incident but nothing out of the ordinary … if it were not because both the aggressor and the victim are in the third age.

According to the Civil Guard, and Efe picks up, the beating author is 70 years old, 15 less than his victim, of considerably older age, with 85. The latter has filed a complaint with a report of injuries, which would remain accredited that, as a result of the blows received, he suffered trauma and hemorrhage.

The reason why one of the elders physically assaulted the other is not specified. As far as it is known, they knew each other, since they are neighbors of this small Galician municipality, located in the province of Lugo, in the region of Los Ancares (part of the mountain range of the same name, Biosphere Reserve, is framed in Lucense area ), and that according to the last census, it exceeds 2,500 inhabitants.

One of them, the beating author, has been brought to justice for his violent attack, at 70. .

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