a series has led employees to protest in front of the headquarters

One hundred people, including several employees of Netflix, they demonstrated this Wednesday in front of the headquarters of the television platform by the broadcast of “The Closer,” a show by comedian Dave Chappelle whose comments about transgender people have caused much controversy.

The demonstration, called by some Netflix workers in their Hollywood offices, it came a week after the company suspended three employees who disrupted a board meeting in protest and fire another who leaked confidential information regarding the controversial program.

“The Closer”, a special that follows the “stand up comedy” format produced by Dave Chappelle, premiered on Netflix in early October and has been met with strong opposition from some of the platform’s employees.

At, Chappelle says the trans community has “very thin” skin and supports the messages in which writer JK Rowling defended her “TERF” position., a term coined to group the feminist movement that excludes transgender people.

In addition, the comedian criticizes the so-called “culture of cancellation.”

According to a list of lawsuits released this week, disgruntled workers are not calling for the show’s withdrawal, instead recommending that Netflix add a tag that alerts you to comments that are offensive to trans people.

They also demand the opening of a unit that promotes the signing of trans people both in front of and behind the cameras.

The controversy has forced Ted Sarandos, founder of Netflix, to defend the documentary.

“As with other talents, we work hard to support their creative freedom, although this means that there will always be content on Netflix that some people believe is harmful,” he explained in an internal statement released by Variety.

“We do not allow titles that incite hatred and violence and we do not believe that ‘The Closer’ crosses that line”, He justified in his message, which he later regretted in another interview with the same medium by saying that “humanity” was lacking in his words.

In a new corporate statement, Netflix has supported the rally: “We value our trans colleagues and allies, and we understand the profound damage that has been done. We respect the decision of any employee who decides to protest and we recognize that we have much more work to do so much. within Netflix as well as our content. ”


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