A-share market evening news: Over 100 shares fell by the limit!The Shanghai Index tumbled, and northbound funds sold more than 10 billion for two consecutive days jqknews

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Counting the situation of A-share market today

  The Shanghai index fell nearly 5% and fell below 3,100 points, and northbound funds sold a net 16 billion

March 15,Shanghai IndexIt opened low and went low, fell sharply during the session, and accelerated in the late session, falling nearly 5% and falling below 3,100 points, setting a new low for the year. It fell by more than 1%, and fell by more than 2.5% in the afternoon, approaching 2,500 points; the transaction volume of the two cities has increased, and it has once again exceeded one trillion yuan.

  Over 100 stocks fell by the limit!The Shanghai Stock Exchange fell 4.95% and fell below 3,100 points and hit a 20-month low. The net outflow of northbound funds exceeded 16 billion yuan

On March 15, Beijing time, the three major indexes collectively opened lower, and in the afternoon,The Shanghai Composite IndexIt fell below 3,100 points for the first time since July 2020. Over 4,300 stocks in the two cities fell, with coal, gold, and oil and gas among the top losers. The total turnover of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges was 1,124.22 billion yuan; the actual net outflow of northbound funds was 16.025 billion yuan. 34 shares in the two cities rose by the daily limit, and 157 shares fell by the limit (including ST shares).

  The Shanghai Composite Index hit a new low of 420 points in just 9 days. It is not simple!Net sales of northbound funds exceeded 10 billion for two consecutive days

Today, the broader market fluctuated lower throughout the day, and the Shanghai Composite Index fell 4.95% to fall below 3,100 points. On the plate, only one plate of electronic ID cards rose. In addition, the rest of the sectors all fell, but there were also local active markets within the concept of anti-epidemic. In terms of individual stocks, more than 4,400 stocks in the two cities fell, less than 300 stocks rose, and more than 100 stocks fell by the limit.

  Dragon Tiger List: 436 million yuan to rush to raise Yonghui Supermarket, foreign investors buy 3 shares, institutions buy 8 shares

March 15, on the listDragon Tiger ListIn stocks, fundsnet inflowthe mostYonghui Supermarket, the net inflow of 436 million yuan in three days. According to the data, the stock fell 2.35% in the day, and rose 14.01% in the past three days.top net inflow of fundsShanghai Stock ConnectThe net purchase of seats in the third day was 28.7631 million yuan. Institutions participated in a total of 22 stocks in the Dragon Tiger List, of which 8 were net bought by institutions.Yonghui SupermarketIt was bought the most, with a net purchase of 381 million yuan in three days. Another 14 shares were net sold by institutions,Aoxiang PharmaceuticalIt was sold the most, with a net sale of 64.1748 million yuan in three days.

  Re-listing 36 daily limit stocks: China Pharmaceutical broke the board, Zhejiang Jiantou, Ningbo Jiangong closed the board

Today (March 15), the broader market fluctuated and fell throughout the day, with the Shanghai Composite Index leading the decline. Today’s turnover in the two cities was 1,124.3 billion, a heavier volume of 161.3 billion compared with the previous trading day. On the disk, only one sector of electronic ID cards rose, coal,precious metaloil and gas extraction, steel,gasand other sectors among the top decliners. A total of 36 shares have daily limit today, which is 14 shares less than the daily limit of 50 shares on the previous trading day. In Shenwan’s first-tier industries, no sector rose, only power equipment and computers saw the smallest gains.

  The Shanghai Index fell below 3,100 points, and 10 stocks including Yiling Pharmaceutical and Lanwei Medical hit a record high

On March 15, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3063.97 points, down 4.95%;Shenzhen Component IndexIt closed at 11537.24 points, down 4.36%;GEM refers toIt closed at 2504.78 points, down 2.55%.Eastern FortuneChoice dataIt shows that 10 stocks have hit record highs in intraday price today, includingYiling PharmaceuticalLanwei MedicineWait.The data shows that 385 stocks hit record lows during intraday trading today, includingmoon lensWait.

Evening news

  Is China worried about being sanctioned by the US due to the situation in Russia and Ukraine?The Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded

Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, first pointed out: “China has made clear its position on the relevant sanctions issue many times. China does not support the use of sanctions to solve problems, and is even more opposed to unilateral sanctions that have no basis in international law.” Zhao Lijian stressed that practice has proved that sanctions can not solve the problem. Problems will also create new problems, which will not only result in a situation of “lose-lose” or “lose-lose” in the economy, but will also interfere with and affect the process of political settlement.

  National Health Commission: Antigen detection cannot replace nucleic acid detection Nucleic acid detection is still the “gold standard” for diagnosis

Li Jinming, deputy director of the National Health and Medical Commission’s Clinical Laboratory Center, said that if antigen detection is compared with nucleic acid detection, its specificity is different. The specificity of antigen detection reagents can reach 99%, but the specificity of nucleic acid detection method is 100%, that is, nucleic acid detection method has no false positives. Therefore, nucleic acid testing has always been the basis for determining new crown infection, and it is the “gold standard”.

  State Food and Drug Administration: Accelerate the approval and marketing of new coronavirus treatment drugs, antigen detection reagents, and personal self-test products

On March 15, the State Food and Drug Administration held a party group (expanded) meeting. The meeting called for continuing to ensure the quality and supply of new coronavirus vaccines, and to accelerate the approval of new coronavirus treatment drugs and new coronavirus antigen detection reagents. Self-test products Listed, strengthen the quality supervision of epidemic prevention products, do a solid job of internal prevention and control, and fully serve the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control.

  Deng Lun was punished for tax evasion and recovered 106 million yuan

Recently, according to the clues in tax supervision, the Fourth Inspection Bureau of Shanghai Taxation Bureau further analyzed tax big data and found that Deng Lun was suspected of tax evasion, and carried out a comprehensive and in-depth tax inspection on him according to law. After investigation, Deng Lun, from 2019 to 2020, made false declarations by switching the nature of income from fictitious businesses, evaded personal income tax of 47.6582 million yuan, and underpaid personal income tax of 13.9932 million yuan.

  Health Commission: Promote the inheritance, innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine and implement the three-child policy

The National Health and Health Commission held an enlarged meeting of the party group yesterday. The meeting emphasized that the “one old and one small” service should be strengthened, the healthy elderly care service system should be improved, the three-child policy should be well implemented, and the level of prenatal and postnatal care services should be improved. We will further promote the Healthy China Action, improve the level of co-construction and sharing by the whole people, and promote the building of a community of human health.

  Beijing investigates and rectifies the problem of overtime and overtime

The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security issued the “Notice on Further Doing a Good Job in Safeguarding the Rights and Interests of Working Hours and Rest and Vacation”. From March 15th to May 15th, a centralized investigation and rectification of the protection of working hours and rest and vacation rights and interests will be organized throughout the city, focusing on key points. Enterprises in the industry will focus on investigating and rectifying the problem of overtime and overtime, protect the rights and interests of employees’ working hours and rest and vacations in accordance with the law, and create a harmonious labor relationship. The inspection objects of this centralized inspection and rectification are mainly key industries, key enterprises, and key parks where overtime and overtime problems are prone to occur frequently. Type processing and manufacturing enterprises and service enterprises.

  The work supervision team of the network information department entered Douban.com

In response to the current serious network chaos on Douban, on March 15, the State Internet Information Office instructed the Beijing Internet Information Office to dispatch a work supervision team to station on Douban to urge rectification.

Hot sector stocks

  The limit-down real estate stocks such as Poly Development are too miserable!New crown drug concept active Minovar 6 days 5 boards

  Southwest SecuritiesSaid that the real estate industry is currently facing the dual problems of “sluggish sales + liquidity of real estate companies”, and it is expected that there will be greater policy support in the future, and the intensive policy release period has not yet ended. When choosing individual stocks, you should choose companies with stable operations, long-term value and safety margins. We recommend:Riverside GroupPoly DevelopmentChina Resources LandVanke AC&D International GroupCIFI Holdings,OCT AWait.

  Can the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s tumbled GEM “ride the savior”? The concept of new crown medicine is on the rise again!Violence in Guangshengtang rises

GuoshengsecuritiesIt is pointed out that medicine has entered the layout range and can be moderately optimistic, and it is still bottom-up in the short and medium term. Since the adjustment of medicine, the “double-high problem” has been clearly resolved, and the conditions for bottoming out have been met. In the short and medium term, the market has not yet found a clear main line, and the oversold rebound may become the strongest direction in stages.

  Eight major brokerage theme strategies: technical paths and investment opportunities for electronic ID cards!Comprehensive review of industry chain targets

  CICCSaid that the electronic ID card is not simply to convert the physical ID card into a digital form, but requires the support of cryptographic technology, identity authentication and other technologies to ensure that the electronic identity information can mark the corresponding subject and distinguish it from other subjects without being intercepted. , falsification and forgery. According to the White Paper on the eID Digital Identity System by the Third Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, a digital identity is a mark representing a set of attributes of a subject’s identity. Considering the similar functional properties of digital identity and ID card electronization, we believe that electronic ID card is expected to continue the PKI technology context of eID.

  Listed companyannouncementFeatured

  Silver Star Energy: Obtain PV project record

  Silver Star Energy(000862) Announcement on the evening of March 15, the company’s Ningdong 250 MW photovoltaic composite power generation project has obtained the record of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission.The total planned investment of the project is 1.074 billion yuan.Silver Star EnergyNingdong Branch is responsible for the construction.

  Beiqing Ring Energy: Holdingshareholderto be with ChinaShandong ExpresswayFinancial planning for major acquisitions

  Beiqing Ring Energy(000803) Announcement on the evening of March 15, the company’s controlling shareholder, Beijing Enterprises Clean Energy, plans to cooperate with ChinaShandong ExpresswayFinancial Planning Major Acquisition, ChinaShandong ExpresswayThe indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Finance intends to subscribe for the newly allotted and issued 48.804 billion shares of Beijing Enterprises Clean Energy at HK$0.096 per share. After the completion of the subscription of the new shares, China Shandong Hi-speed Finance will hold 43.45% of Beijing Enterprises Clean Energy ‘s equity.Beijing Enterprises Clean Energy plans toAdditional issuanceShares may cause the actual controller of the company to change, but it will not affect the normal production, operation and sustainable development of the company.

  TBEA: It is planned to invest 17.6 billion yuan to build a green low-carbon circular economy project with an annual output of 200,000 tons of high-end electronic-grade polysilicon

  TBEA(600089) Announcement on the evening of March 15, holding subsidiariesXinte EnergyWith its wholly-owned subsidiary Xinte Silicon-based New Materials Co., Ltd. (referred to as Xinte Silicon Materials Co., Ltd.) as the main body, it invested in the construction of a 200,000-ton polysilicon project in Zhundong Industrial Park, Changji, Xinjiang.The total investment of this project is about 17.6 billion yuan, of which the capital is 8.8 billion yuan.Xinte EnergyThe initial public offering of RMB ordinary shares (A shares) raised funds to solve the problem, and the raised funds were invested in Xinte Silicon Materials Company in the form of capital increase; the remaining part was approved byBankLoan solution.

  Sanyou ChemicalReleased the “Three Chains and One Group” industrial development plan with a total investment of about 57 billion yuan

  Sanyou Chemical(600409) On the evening of March 15th, the “Three Chains and One Group” industrial development plan was released to accelerate the development of the characteristic marine economy, expand the scale of the circular economy, and build a “three-chain and one group” industrial layout (that is, the “two alkalis and one group” circular economy industrial chain, Organosilicon new material industry chain, fine chemical industry chain, new energy and new materials “double new” strategic industrial cluster), and strive to build the company into a leading enterprise in the field of salt chemical industry and new chemical materials in the coastal economic belt of the province, with a planned total investment scale of about 57 billion yuan.

  Jinko Technology: It is planned to build a 2GW photovoltaic demonstration base project and a new energy power output plan

  Jinko Technology(601778) On the evening of March 15, it was announced that the company recently signed a “cooperation agreement” with the Shuangbai County People’s Government. Five new energy power output planning.

  Hesheng shares: Estimated transaction volume of 3.6 billion to 4 billion yuan for the project fixed-point letter of intent

  Hesheng shares(002824) Announcement on the evening of March 15, the company received a global leading lithium-ion battery from January to March 2022Battery4 New Energy Vehicle Powertrains for R&D and Manufacturing EnterprisesBattery“Supplier Designated Letter of Intent” for the cabinet project.The customer confirmed that the company is the power source for 4 new energy passenger vehiclesBatteryAs a supplier of cabinet products, the estimated project cycle is 4-8 years, and the estimated project transaction volume is 3.6 billion to 4 billion yuan.

  Rongsheng Petrochemical: Proposed to be 1 billion to 2 billion yuanreposhares

  Rongsheng Petrochemical(002493) Announcement on the evening of March 15th, the company intends to use its own funds to repurchase some of the company’s shares in a centralized bidding transaction to convert corporate bonds issued by listed companies that can be converted into shares. The repurchase amount shall not be less than 1 billion yuan but not more than 2 billion yuan, and the repurchase price shall not exceed 22 yuan per share.

  Domei Optics: The person acting in concert with the actual controller intends to increase their holdings by 1%-2% of the company’s shares

  Domei Optics(002632) On the evening of March 15, it was announced that Hu Haoheng, the company’s actual controller, who acted in concert, increased his holdings of the company’s shares by a total of 1.4204 million shares from March 14 to March 15, accounting for 0.23% of the company’s total share capital.Hu Haoheng plans to continue to increase his holdings of the company’s shares, and the cumulative increase ratio (including the number of shares that have been increased this time) is not less thanDomei OpticsThe total issued share capital is 1%, not to exceed 2%, and the implementation period of the shareholding plan is within 6 months.

  Gekewei: The 12-inch CIS integrated circuit characteristic process research and development and industrialization project is progressing smoothly

  Gekewei(688728) Announced on the evening of March 15th, up to now, in terms of CMOS image sensors, the company’s 2-8 million pixel products have been widely used in many well-known mobile phone brand customers at home and abroad, and the supply and sales are booming; 16 million pixel products have passed the Mobile phone brand customers have verified that customer orders are expected to be obtained in the second half of 2022; 32 million and above pixel products have entered the internal evaluation stage of engineering samples. In terms of display driver chips, TDDI products have received orders from many well-known mobile phone brands, and AMOLED product development is progressing smoothly. In addition, the company’s 12-inch CIS integrated circuit feature process research and development and industrialization project is progressing smoothly, and some equipment such as ASML lithography machines have entered the field as scheduled, and the project is expected to reach mass production by the end of the year.

  Jolywood: It is planned to invest 14 billion yuan to build industrial silicon and high-purity polysilicon projects

  Jolywood(300393) Announced on the evening of March 15th, the company plans to invest in a project with an annual output of 200,000 tons of industrial silicon and an annual output of 100,000 tons of high-purity polysilicon in Gujiao City, Shanxi Province. , the first phase is planned to invest in a project with an annual output of 200,000 tons of industrial silicon and an annual output of 10,000 tons of high-purity polysilicon.

  Weir Shares: The company has continued to increase R&D investment in MCU and other fields and will gradually introduce it into the automotive market in the past one or two years.

  Weir Shares(603501) Accepted todayInstitutional researchShi said that the company has a product quality system and R&D strength recognized by global car brands. In the automotive market, in addition to image sensors, the company has continued to increase R&D investment in MCU, LVDS, LCOS, power IC, MOS, driver and other fields. , will be gradually introduced into the automotive market in the past one or two years to provide customers with overall solutions. Under the trend of automotive electronics and intelligence, the company will usher in huge business opportunities.

  Lepu Medical: The new crown antigen detection kit will be launched in China on March 17

  Lepu Medical(300003) On the evening of March 15, it was announced that the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) antigen detection kit (colloidal gold method) produced by Lepu Diagnostics, a subsidiary of the company, will be officially launched in China on March 17.

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