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  Counting the situation of A-share market today

  The Shanghai index rose more than 1%: coal stocks rose sharply, and northbound funds bought a net 8.4 billion yuan

March 18,Shanghai IndexIn the morning, it fluctuated within a narrow range, and in the afternoon, driven by the financial, real estate and other sectors, it rose and rose, breaking through 3250 points; Shenzhen Component Index,GEM refers toThe weak fluctuated and fell, once fell more than 1%, and rose in the afternoon; the transaction volume of the two cities shrank, the daily transaction amounted to less than one trillion, and the northbound funds rose sharply in the afternoonnet inflowthe full-day net purchase exceeded 8 billion yuan.

  The Shanghai index has three consecutive suns!Northbound funds are sweeping goods and finance across the board

After a brief reorganization in the morning, on the afternoon of March 18, with the assistance of the big finance and heavyweight sectors, A-shares made another effort, the Shanghai index rose by more than 1%, and the daily line was “three consecutive yang”. The total market value of A-shares increased by more than 720 billion yuan, and more than 3,500 individual stocks in the two cities rose to the top.main forceFunds continued to see net inflows. The data shows that Wind has received a net inflow of 16.957 billion yuan of main funds within A day, and the main funds are actively rushing to raise real estate, construction, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, agriculture and other sectors.

  Up more than 1%! Coal construction “flying together” has A shares bottomed out? How to grasp the current moment?

GuoshengsecuritiesIt is believed that there may not be a “market bottom” in the market outlook, and the winning rate above 3000 points is relatively high. Don’t hesitate too much, the later market may not be achieved overnight, but there is still a greater probability of fluctuations in the way of advance and retreat.In terms of strategy, we focus on three directions: First, the high growth in the first quarterly report will continue.semiconductorthe direction of photovoltaics; the second is the direction of new infrastructure under steady growth; the third is the direction of chain pharmacies for the sales of new crown antigens.

  Dragon Tiger List: 190 million rush to raise Chinese pharmaceutical foreign capital to buy 3 shares, institutions to buy 4 shares

March 18, on the listDragon Tiger ListAmong the stocks, the net inflow of funds is the largestChinese medicine, the net inflow of 190 million yuan in three days. Data show that the stock closed at the daily limit, with a cumulative increase of 33.09% in the past three days.top net inflow of fundsShanghai Stock ConnectBuy 194 million yuan. Institutions participated in a total of 20 stocks in the Dragon Tiger List, of which 4 were net bought by institutions.Lanwei MedicineWas bought the most, for 57.4817 million yuan. The other 16 shares were the most sold,Chinese medicineIt was sold the most, with a net sale of 216 million yuan in three days.

  Re-listing 130 daily limit: China Pharmaceutical 13 days 10 board Zhejiang Jiantou 4 board Meiliyun down limit

Today (March 18) the three major indices fluctuated higher in midday trading.The Shanghai Composite IndexLeading the rise, the transaction volume of the two cities was 990.5 billion, a decrease of 284.9 billion from the previous trading day.On the disk, sectors such as building energy conservation, coal, rental and sale rights, and tourism were among the top gainers. Electronic ID cards, digitalcurrency, HJT, automotive chips, Eastern Digital and Western Computing and other sectors were among the top decliners. A total of 130 shares have daily limit today, an increase of 13 shares from the previous trading day’s daily limit of 117 shares.

  The Shanghai Index shrank and closed up by more than 1%. 12 stocks such as Yiling Pharmaceutical and Golden Seed Wine reached record highs

On March 18, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3251.07 points, up 1.12%;Shenzhen Component IndexIt closed at 12,328.65 points, up 0.31%; the ChiNext Index closed at 2,713.79 points, up 0.11%.Eastern FortuneChoice dataIt shows that 12 stocks have hit record highs in intraday price today, includingYiling Pharmaceuticalgolden seed wineChinese medicineWait.The data shows that 8 stocks hit record lows in intraday trading today, includingZenda EssenceWait.

  Evening news

  Central Bank, China Securities Regulatory Commission, etc.: Financial support for Zhejiang’s high-quality development and construction of a demonstration zone for common prosperity

On March 18, the Chinese peopleBankBank of ChinainsuranceRegulatory Commission, ChinasecuritiesThe Supervision and Administration Commission, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, and the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government issued the Opinions on Financial Support for Zhejiang’s High-quality Development and Construction of a Demonstration Zone for Common Prosperity. The “Opinions” propose to strengthen anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition supervision in the financial sector, prevent the disorderly expansion of capital, realize pre-event, in-process, and post-event supervision of the entire chain, and resolutely maintain fair competition in the financial market.

  Two Ministries and Commissions: Further Implementing Preferential Income Tax Policies for Small and Micro Enterprises

In order to further support the development of small and micro enterprises, the relevant tax policies are nowannouncementAs follows: For small and low-profit enterprises, the annual taxable income of more than 1 million yuan but not more than 3 million yuan is included in the taxable income at a reduced rate of 25%, and the enterprise income tax is paid at the tax rate of 20%.

  Speed ​​up the construction of automotive chip standard system!The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the key points of automobile standardization work, battery safety and battery replacement standards have been deployed

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology stated that it will speed up the construction and improvement of the standard system for electric vehicle charging and battery replacement, and promote the on-board battery replacement system of pure electric vehicles, a general platform for battery replacement, and battery replacement.BatteryFormulate standards such as packages; carry out research and verification of high-power charging technology upgrade plans for electric vehicles, and accelerate the revision and release of a series of standards such as electric vehicle conductive charging connection devices.

  China Securities Regulatory Commission: Further promote the pilot program of publicly offered REITs to further promote a virtuous cycle of investment and financing

At present, the China Securities Regulatory Commission is working with relevant ministries and commissions to further promote the pilot of infrastructure REITs, improve the system and mechanism, expand the scope of the pilot, better play the function of publicly offered REITs, further promote the virtuous circle of investment and financing, and help the development of the real economy.

  Ministry of Finance: Stamp duty on securities transactions in January and February increased by 10.7% year-on-year to 73.7 billion

Ministry of Finance: The stamp duty from January to February was 113.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13.3%. in,securitiesThe transaction stamp duty was 73.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.7%. From January to February, the national general public budget revenue was 4,620.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.5%. Among them, the central general public budget revenue was 2,277.1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 11.3%.

  Ministry of Finance, China Securities Regulatory Commission: Strengthening the assessment and control of listed companies’ income fraud risks

Strengthen the assessment and control of income fraud risks.One is to pay attention to the decorationFinancial StatementsFor the purpose of inflating income or recognizing income in advance, for the purpose of reducing tax burden, transferring profits, etc. during the reporting period, it underestimates income or delays income recognition and other related risks.The second is to pay attention to customer credit investigation, transactioncontractThe authenticity of the business background, the authenticity of the capital asset transaction, the rationality of the sales model and the fairness of the transaction price and other internal control processes and the effectiveness of the control measures.

  Some lithium companies and relevant departments have recently held talks with participating companies: the main reason for understanding the market situation is the normal discussion in the industry

Relevant departments have recently held discussions with relevant lithium companies, mainly involving lithium salt market issues.One of the participating companiesexecutiveSaid that this meeting is only to understand the market situation, such as upstream and downstream production and operation, the shortage of lithium carbonate, how to speed up the release of domestic and foreign lithium resource supply, and let all parties make suggestions, “it’s a normal industry discussion.”

  State Film Administration: Cinemas in medium and high-risk areas will not be opened for the time being

According to the website of the State Film Administration, recently, local clustered epidemics across the country have shown the characteristics of many points, wide areas, and frequent occurrences. The epidemic situation in some areas is rising rapidly, and the risk of social spread and spillover is relatively high. The entire film industry must resolutely implement the Party Central Committee’s decision-making and deployment on strict epidemic prevention and control, and make every effort to do a good job in cinema epidemic prevention and control.

  The state organizes the centralized procurement of artificial joints to implement an average price reduction of 82% in Hainan on the 25th

A few days ago, the Hainan Provincial Medical Security Bureau issued the “Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Implementation of Centralized Procurement of Artificial Joints Organized by the State”, clarifying that the centralized procurement of artificial joints organized by the state will be implemented in Hainan on March 25. The average price of the selected hip joint dropped from 35,000 yuan to about 7,000 yuan, and the selected knee joint dropped from 32,000 yuan to about 5,000 yuan, an average price reduction of 82%.

  Hot sector stocks

  China’s Ping An soars! Insurance sector is undervalued? 10 shares daily limit! Are real estate stocks worth pursuing?

  Industrial SecuritiesIt is pointed out that at present, as the bottom of domestic policies has become clear, the early easing measures have gradually taken effect, leading to better-than-expected economic data in February, and policymakers are still calling for the “steady growth” policy on many important occasions recently, “loose money”, “Wide credit” continues to increase. At the same time, the external environment is gradually improving. Therefore, we believe that the most panic is over, and the market is expected to usher in a phased recovery window in the next month.

  Chinese medicine once again daily limit! China’s Ping An led the insurance sector to rise in violence in the afternoon!

forinsuranceplate,Zheshang SecuritiesIt was pointed out that on March 16, the Financial Development and Stability Committee of the State Council held a special meeting to release a positive signal of stabilizing growth and the market, emphasizing that relevant departments should effectively undertake their own responsibilities, and that major policies affecting the market must be coordinated with the financial management department in advance. , to maintain the stability and consistency of policy expectations. Although the liability side of insurance companies is still under pressure, expectations on the investment side will improve, risk uncertainty will be reduced, and valuations will be restored in stages.insuranceThe current valuation of the sector is low and the margin of safety is high, maintaining the industry’s “bullish” rating.

  Energy stocks are on fire! Yunnan Energy Investment, etc. staged a daily limit tide green power sector or ushered in a Davis double-click?

  Northeast SecuritiesIt is mentioned that in recent years, the rapid progress of new energy technology has made the acquisition cost of green electricity continue to drop, making the large-scale application of green electricity gradually becoming economical, and the energy revolution in which green electricity gradually replaces oil and gas as the main energy source is inevitable. trend. Judging from the order situation, the green electricity business has effectively relayed the completion of housing as the main growth driver. The sector is still at a low valuation, and it has holding green power assets as an effective support for its market value.

  Eight major securities company theme strategies: build a green building analysis framework! What opportunities are there?A complete review of industry chain targets

Guosheng Securities stated that green building is an important direction for industrial upgrading, which breeds new opportunities for growth and investment. The construction industry is a pillar industry of the national economy. With the continuous improvement of the top-level design of domestic green buildings, green buildings that can save resources, protect the environment, reduce pollution, and provide people with healthy, suitable and efficient use of space have gradually become the main line of transformation and upgrading of the construction industry. Nurturing and enriching new opportunities for growth and investment.

Listed Company Announcements Featured

  Pro Pharma: MPP authorizationPro Pharmaand other 35 pharmaceutical companies to producePfizerThe company’s oral new crown treatment drugs

  Pro Pharma(000739) Announcement on the evening of March 18. Recently, MPP (ie, the “Pharmaceutical Patent Pool Organization”) issued an announcement and related media reports.PfizerThe company takes oral new crown treatment drugs. This license is a non-exclusive license; the licensed area is India, Pakistan, Vietnam and other 95 low- and middle-income countries or regions, excluding China.

  Tasly: Huoxiangzhengqi Dropping Pills and other products have been included in the diagnosis and treatment plan for new coronary pneumonia (the ninth trial version)

  Tasly(600535) Announcement on the evening of March 18, recently, the General Office of the National Health Commission and the Office of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine jointly issued the “New Coronavirus Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Program (Trial Version 9)”, the company and its holding subsidiary Huoxiang Zhengqi Dropping Pill is listed as a recommended drug for the medical observation period, Xingnaojing Injection is listed as a recommended drug for severe and critical patients, and Angong Niuhuang Pill is listed as a recommended drug for critical patients.

  Stick: to fit withAnjie TechnologySet up Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

  Stick(300806) Announcement on the evening of March 18, the company plans to cooperate with SuzhouAnjie TechnologyCo., Ltd. jointly invested in the establishment of a joint venture company Suzhou Andik Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd.Anjie TechnologyThe “Investment Agreement” was signed on matters related to this foreign investment.The registered capital of the joint venture company is planned to be 24 million yuan, of whichStickThe subscribed capital contribution is 10.8 million yuan, and the subscribed capital contribution ratio is 45%; Anjie Technology has subscribed to contribute 13.2 million yuan, and the subscribed capital contribution ratio is 55%.This investment is conducive to the expansion of hydrogen fuelBatterycore parts business.

  Oriental creatures: New coronavirus antigen detection reagents added Japan PMDA sales license, Saudi Arabia MDMA certification

  Oriental creatures(688298) On the evening of March 18, the company announced on the evening of March 18 that the company’s new coronavirus antigen detection reagent (including self-test) has obtained the EU CE certification, the US FDA certification, the China NMPA certification and the corresponding market. Saudi Arabia MDMA certification; and the company’s new coronavirus nucleic acid detection kit (direct fluorescent PCR) newly added Thailand certification, which is conducive to expanding the international market and serving the international new coronavirus epidemic prevention needs. In addition, the company has added the US FDA510K certification for the group A streptococcus rapid detection reagent (pharyngeal swab), which has further enriched the company’s respiratory tract in the US market on the basis of the US FDA EUA certification or market access for the new crown antibody/antigen detection reagent. Product categories of a series of disease detection reagents.In addition, the company added 5 types of domestic NMPA three types of drug detection series reagentsmedical instrumentsCertificate of Registration.

  Shunxin Agriculture: The price of some liquor products will be raised from May 1

  Shunxin Agriculture(000860) Announcement on the evening of March 18, after the company’s research and decision, on the basis of the original price, according to different quality grades, with a net content of 500ml as the accounting unit, the fragrance-type liquor: increase by 3 yuan to 15 yuan; strong-flavor liquor: increase 10 yuan to 15 yuan. This price adjustment is planned to be implemented from May 1, 2022.

  Yiwei Lithium Energy: Selected as Bosch supplier to supply Li-ion power to BoschBattery

  Yiwei Lithium Energy(300014) Announcement on the evening of March 18, the company has recently received a supplier designation notice from Robert Bosch GmbH (referred to as “Bosch”), and the company has been selected as Bosch’s supplier to provide Bosch with lithium-ion power batteries for use in Auxiliary applications for electric vehicles in the global market.

China Pharmaceutical: The company completed the first batchPfizerImport customs clearance procedures for COVID-19 medicines

Sinopharm (600056) issued a change announcement on the evening of March 18. The company signed an agreement with Pfizer, and the company will be responsible for the commercial operation of Pfizer’s new coronavirus treatment drug PAXLOVID in the Chinese mainland market during the agreement period (2022). This product is included in the ninth edition of the diagnosis and treatment plan, but has not yet entered the national medical insurance.If it is included in the national medical insurance, the sales price may be affected. The final use and sales of the product are subject to great uncertainty due to factors such as epidemic prevention and control, and the scale of related businesses is expected to account for a small proportion of the company’s overall business volume. The company’s recent operationsperformanceNo major impact. On the evening of March 17, the company completed the first batch of import customs clearance procedures for this product, and is fully cooperating with the country to do a good job in the fight against the new crown epidemic.

  Tongkun shares: It is proposed to spend between 500 million and 1 billion yuanreposhares

  Tongkun shares(601233) On the evening of March 18, it was announced that it was planned to repurchase shares through centralized bidding transactions for the later implementation of employee stock ownership plans or equity incentive plans, or to convert corporate bonds issued by listed companies that could be converted into stocks. The total amount of repurchase funds Not less than 500 million yuan, not more than 1 billion yuan, and the repurchase price does not exceed 25.00 yuan per share.

  Antu Biology: It is planned to repurchase shares for 150 million to 300 million yuan

  Antu Biology(603658) On the evening of March 18, it was announced that the company plans to repurchase the company’s shares in a centralized bidding transaction for the implementation of employee stock ownership plans or equity incentives. The proposed repurchase amount is not less than 150 million yuan and not more than 300 million yuan. The purchase price does not exceed 60 yuan / share.

  Ningxia Building Materials: HoldingshareholderIt is planned to increase its holdings by 70 million yuan to 100 million yuan

  Ningxia Building Materials(600449) Announcement on the evening of March 18, the controlling shareholderCNBMIt is planned to increase the shareholding of the company, and the amount of the increase is not less than 70 million yuan and not more than 100 million yuan.

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