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A Sherbrooke factory cuts the sound

by archyde

A factory in Sherbrooke has carried out work to bring a little peace of mind to its neighbors.

The managers of the Bitfarms company, located on rue de la Pointe, had to resolve to bring significant mitigating measures to their factory. In particular, no fan is now visible outside, while sound screens have been erected in front of electrical transformers and at the exit of ventilation equipment.

Inside the building, computer servers have been reconfigured to redirect noise.

The company no longer had the choice to act after having received two notices of non-compliance in the past six months following complaints from citizens who were upset by the noise emanating from the plant.

Bitfarms now intends to carry out a new sound study in collaboration with the City of Sherbrooke, which had asked the government to intervene in this file in order to definitively resolve the problem.

The company also says it is studying the possibility of carrying out a project on the land adjacent to its factory that could further reduce the noise emanating from its facilities.


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