a shiny new look for Powerbeats

The world famous brand of American rapper Dr. Dre today under the Apple milestone has teamed up with a Japanese fashion house to create a special look for the PowerBeats wireless headphones, which can now glow in the dark.

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Today it is very difficult to find a music video without product placement for headphones, speakers, or headphones from the brand Beats, founded in 2006 by the American rapper Andre Romelle Young, alias Dr. Dre. The company, bought by Apple in 2014 for a trifle of three billion dollars, unveiled last spring version number four of its “PowerBeats” headphones, which combined simplicity and efficiency. Today, the brand unveiled a new look for these headphones, which has the distinction of glowing in the dark.

Beats By Dre has teamed up with Japanese fashion and jewelry house Ambush to endow their headphones with the ability to glow a greenish color in the dark. These bluetooth headphones, called “PowerBeats Ambush Glow”, are already available on the Apple Store, priced at € 199.95, which is 50 euros more than the normal version. Note that the improvements made to this pair of headphones are cosmetic only and that its technical capabilities are the same as those of the PowerBeats 4 released earlier this year. They are only distinguished by that famous green glow in the dark, as well as a slight minty glow during the day. According to Yoon Ahn, Creative Director at Ambush, the design of these headphones is inspired by the very bright atmosphere of Tokyo, the hometown of the Japanese couture company. “I thought it would be really cool to design a product that could capture that same city energy when you’re out late at night listening to music.”, she says. If you are interested in the ability to sparkle in the dark with your headphones, or if you simply want to acquire new headphones, do not hesitate to browse our test of the PowerBeats 4 bluetooth headphones.

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