A short film in Basque for the first time at the Venice Film Festival

A frame from the short film ‘Arriving’.

Mikel Gurrea from San Sebastián will compete in the ‘Heltzear’ festival from September 1st to 11th

Monday 26 July 2021, 18:27

For the first time, a short film in Basque will take part in the Venice Film Festival. In fact, Mikel Gurrea will compete in the official ‘Heltzear’ section of San Sebastian in the 78th edition of the festival, which will take place from 1 to 11 September.

The Irusoin production company has released the news in a press release, as they have produced Mikel Gurrea’s fourth short film. Gurrea is currently filming his first feature film, entitled ‘Suro’, produced by Irusoin, Lastor Media and Malmo Pictures. ‘Suro’ is being shot in Catalonia, specifically in the Empordà region, and the project, among others, received the New Project at the San Sebastian Festival Award for Best Project in an Artistic Residence.

‘Reaching’ is one of the eight short films selected for this year’s Kimuak catalog. The viewer goes back to 2000, the time when the ‘conflict’ was very much alive. While writing a letter to her distant brother, Sara, a 15-year-old climber, is training for the most difficult climb of her life.

The film was shot in Donostia, Andoain and Dima, and the main protagonists are Haizea Oses, Mikel Arruti and Oier de Santiago. Not a single one of them is an actor. After competing in Venice, ‘Arriving’ has several other appointments at various national and international festivals.

Mikel Gurrea was born in 1985 in San Sebastián. He holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and a master’s degree from the London Film School. His short films, which he directed before maturing – ‘Txoria’ (2013), ‘Rojo en el agua’ (2010), ‘Los gatos del tejado’ (2009) and ‘Primo’ (2008) – have been awarded at various festivals. He has written not only as a director but also as a screenwriter.


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