A simulator to calculate your income taxes

The tax authorities have put online a tool allowing taxpayers to have an overview of the amount of their taxes, according to their profile.

How much income tax will you be paying this year? To get an idea, the Directorate General of Public Finances (DGFiP) has posted simulators on its site that allow taxpayers residing in France to calculate the amount of their 2021 taxes on 2020 income, according to their profile.

Two simulators are thus offered. The first, called “Simplified model”, concerns those who declare salaries (except income of partners and managers art. 62 of the CGI, specifies the DGFiP), pensions or pensions, property income, gains from the sale of securities, social rights and similar securities . It also concerns those who deduce “the most common loads»(Alimony, childcare costs, donations to charities, etc.).

Mandatory income declaration

The second simulator says “Full model”, is aimed at people who, in addition to the income and charges listed above, declare income from commercial, liberal, agricultural activity, income from partners and managers art. 62 of the CGI, investments in the French overseas departments and territories, global deficits … “You will also find all the sections present on the simplified model», Indicates the tax authorities.

Taxpayers must then enter all the information necessary for the calculation. This last “depends only on the data you are going to indicate. It is purely anonymous and does not in any way constitute an income statement.», Recalls the DGFiP. The tax return will remain necessary, as every year, in the spring.

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