a single new positive case, games rescheduled and precautions preserved, the NBA continues its fight

In times of COVID, the NBA is not kidding about the precautions to allow its competition to continue and go to completion if possible. Its very strict protocol seems to pay off with a limitation of new cases in recent days, its implementation is therefore extended.

In a context made very difficult and sad by the COVID pandemic, the NBA can at least be satisfied to be an example in a country very affected by the virus. Indeed, after a limited spread of the coronavirus since early January 2021 (16 and then 11 new cases in recent weeks), we learned through Shams Charania from The Athletic only one new test has been positive out of the 492 carried out since January 20. In the situation that we have known for several months, and especially having in mind the cascading contaminations of early 2021, this is obviously a good point. At the same time, we have also learned that some games postponed due to COVID will finally be played soon instead of being held during the second part of the season.. For example, an initially postponed Blazers – Wizards will finally be played on February 2. The Blazers – Hornets of February 7 is postponed to the second part of the season – whose schedule has not yet been officially announced – to make way for the Wizards – Hornets of January 20. We can imagine in any case the puzzle that the many postponements of matches, mainly for certain teams (the Wizards, the Grizzlies, the Celtics, the Suns, etc.), must represent for Adam Silver and his friends.

Really hot tonight, Shams Charania continued his work, revealing in the process that the application of the strict sanitary protocol adopted shortly before mid-January was extended for at least two weeks.. However, still according to theinsider star, several slight relaxations were granted to the players and staffs, the main affected by these measures to fight against COVID. For example, members of the delegation of a traveling team will now be able to receive visits from four relatives residing in the host city. However, they must have tested negative for COVID twice in the previous days and be tested again the same day and thereafter. Another relaxation, undoubtedly not the most awaited by players and members of the staff of the NBA, now allows them to practice physical activity outdoors one hour a day, and with a return to the hotel before 6 p.m. Finally, people who regularly frequent the homes of players, coaches and staff members (such as employees, collaborators, etc.) must also be tested twice a week to limit the risk of contamination and spread of the virus.

If the spread of COVID has slowed in recent days, the NBA still remains very cautious about this invisible enemy and capable of spreading in just a few hours. This is why the League has decided to continue applying a strict protocol to minimize risk-taking by its members. Fingers crossed for the rest!

Source texte : The Athletic

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