A small plane crashes in a wooded area in the Outaouais

A pilot in her forties probably had the fear of her life when the aircraft she was piloting crashed Saturday morning in the middle of the forest, in the MRC Pontiac, in the Outaouais.

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According to the Sûreté du Québec (SQ), the woman, who was alone on board a Cessna type aircraft that had been loaned to her, activated the distress beacon at around 11:20 a.m.

Research was immediately launched by the Canadian Armed Forces. A Hercules aircraft took off from the base in Trenton, Ontario, in an attempt to locate the aircraft in distress. The army asked the SQ to assist it with one of its helicopters.

It was ultimately the soldiers who spotted the wreckage that crashed in a wooded area near the ZEC Saint-Patrice, in the Mansfield sector.

For now, we do not know what happened to cause the plane to crash.

The identity of the pilot was not disclosed, she was to be met as soon as her condition permitted. She was hospitalized in Pembroke, Ont., Without fear for her life, according to the SQ. His injuries were not specified.

The Transportation Safety Board (TSB) of Canada has been notified.

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