A small town in the Cher sells a house for one euro in turn

Houses at one euro, act 2. After Roubaix more than three years ago, it is the turn of a small town in Cher (18) to get started. The town hall of Saint-Amand-Montrond, where about 10,000 inhabitants live, is seeking to sell a currently unoccupied building, which has belonged to it for 6 years, reports France Bleu. To attract new inhabitants and fight against the degradation of some housing, the municipality agrees to sell the house for only … one euro. An offer reserved for first-time buyers. Interested candidates can visit the house and then submit their file to the town hall between November 1 and December 31. The winner will be known in February.

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In exchange for this ridiculous price, the new owner (s) will have to undertake to rehabilitate this house of 90 m² (living space), located near the city center (see our main illustration), and to live there permanently for at least 6 years. The projects of second homes will thus be refused, specifies the town hall. One way to ensure that, out of season, the town does not turn into a “ghost town”. Cost of the work? Between 90,000 and 150,000 euros, according to Francis Blondieau, deputy mayor for town planning and major projects. Or a cost price after work of between 1110 euros and 1862 euros per m².

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Aid of up to 50,000 euros

Aid of up to 50,000 euros intended only for modest and very modest households (here are the resource ceilings according to the number of people who make up the household and your geographical location) may be paid by the town hall. To which can be added the public aid Ma Prime Rénov ‘and private financial support (Energy saving certificates).

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To be sure that the work will be carried out properly, the municipality requires that the planning authorizations necessary for the work be submitted within two months of the signing of the promise to sell. In addition, the site must begin within 6 months after the signing of the deed of sale and end no later than 24 months after. Not to mention that the buyers will have to call on local companies and, for the “energy renovation” part, approved Recognized Guarantor of the Environment to but also provide a DPE (Energy Performance Diagnosis) at the end of the work.

Very popular in Italy, this device of 1 euro houses is struggling to develop in France. Arnaud Montebourg, presidential candidate, has, in his own way, recently tried to revive it by proposing that the State buy back these empty goods. Objective: revitalize city centers like in Saint-Amand. “We want to do everything to ensure that the city center is repopulated, says Francis Blondieau, quoted by France Bleu. An empty housing will degrade over time until it becomes unusable. We must stop this trend, knowing that there is very little building land left for pavilions with gardens in St-Amand.. ” A statement that will not fail to satisfy the Minister of Housing who wants to fight against urban sprawl and revitalize city centers.

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