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The coronavirus pandemic has forced the South Korean soccer league, as in many other countries, to play its games behind closed doors. The empty stands are devastating, and that is why some club has resorted to placing cardboard fans to fill the stadiums. But others have pushed the idea too far. FC Seoul, in the capital of South Korea, has apologized to its fans for having placed sex dolls on the seats of its stadium.

Followers of the team were surprised to see on television the game that faced rival Gwangju last Sunday. Some of the dolls appeared dressed in club shirts, and others were holding banners cheering for the players. “I saw that her breasts were four times larger than those of normal mannequins,” wrote one of the fans on the official FC Seoul Instagram account.

“We are deeply sorry to have disturbed our followers,” the club has published in a statement, which also ensures that the company that supplied the sex dolls had guaranteed that they were not “adult products”, although the team regretted not having it. checked once received. “We wanted to give a little animation to the games behind closed doors and convey the message that we can overcome this difficult time,” said the club in the statement. Other teams in the Korean league have used posters, banners and cardboard figures to replace their fans.

The apologies have not convinced all the fans. For one of them it was “very obvious” that it was about sex dolls and he criticizes that the mistake has undermined the football club’s attempts to show matches “for the whole family”. Some of the dolls that attended The match, which Seoul won 1-0, wore T-shirts with the logo of a manufacturer of sexual items. The team has pointed out that the manufacturer sent them to a company that distributes products of this nature before they reached the stadium, which would explain why they wore T-shirts with such advertising.

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