A sofa safari

An elephant calf eating with its mother, hyenas nursing or a leopard in the middle of a nap… Is it impossible to travel to the most beautiful reserves? Now, the wildlife of the savannah is just a click away.

It’s 4 p.m. this Wednesday afternoon, and in a reserve in northern South Africa, a baby elephant trudges a dusty road, flapping its ears. Next to him, his mother mows armfuls of herbs which she stuffs into her mouth and chews loudly.

No one should be there to witness such a spectacle, national parks in South Africa have been closed since March due to the coronavirus. However, the wandering of these two elephants is followed by 11,322 spectators, all connected to a live safari on the Internet.

They also have questions for the forest rangers: “Do elephants have feelings?” wish to know an 8 year old from Singapore. “Do they sleep standing up or sitting down?” asks a 6 year old Indian boy. How big is an elephant’s foot? How far can we approach them without scaring them?


Ryan Lenora Brown

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