A solid French XV mate Scotland – France XV

The Blues won 22-15 a padlocked game, ending six years of scarcity at Murrayfield.

Don’t start being picky. The Blues won and that’s not nothing. In Scotland, where the XV of France remained on four defeats in a row since 2014. Proof that going to Murrayfield is no longer a pleasure trip. These same Habs had conceded their only defeat there last March since the appointment of Fabien Galthié to the post of coach. Revenge taken. Without the flamboyance to which these young Roosters have recently given us. A needy success, torn in the heat of the rucks, the harshness of the tackles. Thanks to a constant presence in the fight. It is also commendable. Especially since, once again, French players have too often been penalized. A recurring evil. Annoying.

So it was hard. The difference was made by the precision of Thomas Ramos, reliable scorer in the absence of Romain Ntamack (5/6), responding to that of Duncan Weir, returning from Scotland. Finn Russell and Adam Hastings injured, the opener with the vintage haircut in tribute to Simon Garfunkel indeed found the number 10 of the XV of Thistle for the first time since October… 2015. It was also done with a controlled drop by Matthieu Jalibert. Finally, and above all, it took place on the only attempt at a padlocked meeting.

The Blues have put an end to six years of scarcity in Scotland.

An essay by Virimi Vakatawa. The center of Fijian origin had been beaten with one hand on a low kick from Gaël Fickou (9e). He had failed to turn around in the in-goal just before the break. But, on a breakthrough inside winger Vincent Rattez, served a little too early, he nevertheless resisted the returns of two Scots to complete his race in the promised land (12-19, 42e). A last scorer exchange and the XV of France finally put down his pet peeve (15-22), ended the current series of five victories for Scotland.

“It’s just the victory that counts. It makes everyone feel good. We cultivate winning, we have to keep it ”

Charles Ollivon

Finally, if the content has not lived up to recent expectations, winning this kind of match is not anecdotal. These Blues also know how to hang on, do not give in, close ranks. Indispensable assets when inspiration, reminders, acrobatic passes are lacking. “It’s just the victory that counts,” said Charles Ollivon, captain all smiles, at the end of the match. It makes everyone feel good. We cultivate winning, we have to keep it. “

One last match against Italy at Stade de France


The Blues will meet Italy on Saturday at the Stade de France

It will be necessary to win again next Saturday (9 p.m.) against Italy at the Stade de France to finish first in group B and thus play, on December 6 at Twickenham, the final of this new Autumn Nations Cup against, very probably, to England. A Crunch that will be disputed without most of the executives of this new French team. They are indeed 18 (Dupont, Vakatawa, Fickou … but also the whole pack and its replacements) to have finished with this tour, to have checked the three match sheets authorized by the dupes agreement with the League. With sixteen novices supervised by Serin or Jalibert (who was not unworthy of Murrayfield where he was acting for Romain Ntamack, injured). A parenthesis during which a few names could be revealed. It will not be obvious in the typical team launched in February by Fabien Galthié delighted. “We had a magnificent year 2020 with this new group”, summarized Charles Ollivon before leaving his stripes until February 2021.


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