a solution to support small traders?

The impact of the lockdowns has hit French society hard, and especially small traders who see their businesses collapse due to forced closings at the heart of the most important sales period of the year. Miracle solutions like the aid of 500 euros for the digitization of businesses or even ambitious proposals like the Amazon delivery tax for a fund for merchants are emerging to save SMEs.

What can a merchant do with the $ 500 digitization aid?

Not much, not even buying a good laptop. On Monday, November 9, the Minister of the Economy and Finance Bruno Lemaire announced exceptional aid from 500 euros for the digitization of businesses. According to the ministry’s calculations, the cost of digitizing a trader is 1,500 euros. The government therefore covers a third of this amount out of its pocket to help traders.
At the same time, searches for “click and collect” keywords have exploded on Google trends since the start of the reconfinement. Unfortunately, the digitalization of a business can be more difficult to implement than you think.
According to specialists, the government’s estimate is not good, and 1,500 euros is not enough to scan a store. On the one hand, there is no point in having a site without a marketing strategy and budget, and on the other hand, you have to know how to manage these new digital services, such as customer service, recommendations and feedback. According to Bruno Lemaire this financial aid could benefit 120,000 businesses and will be granted upon presentation of invoices to the Service Agency. It can be paid from January 2021 and its estimated cost is € 60 million.
To highlight some service providers, the State has also announced the launch of a site referencing service providers labeled by the government. clique-mon-commerce.gouv.fr .

A bill aims to create a fund for traders

Helping urgently digitize businesses is not viewed favorably by everyone, and Law proposition to complete this device was filed to introduce a tax on the delivery costs of the giants of online commerce.
Communist senators thus propose a tax of 0.1 € per kilometer to be paid by the online merchant. The tax would therefore be calculated according to the number of kilometers traveled by the good between its last place of storage and the final delivery address of the customer, but it would have a fixed minimum of € 3 per delivery. This tax could supplement a fund to help small traders. So, is this an urgent and necessary solidarity tax, or just another false good idea?

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