A Star Academy candidate at the emergency hospital, He risks the operation!

Fans of Mathieu Johann are worried about what will happen next. But the details he brings about his situation via Instagram are rather optimistic and lucid. Only what follows will tell us if his treatment at the hospital will lead him to the operation. In the meantime, his fans give him all their support through messages of encouragement and comfort. Indeed, a visit to the hospital is rarely good news. But the care given to the former Star Academy could allow him to live his life better. All the details in the rest of this article.

Mathieu Johann is in the hospital and risks an operation

Mathieu Johann learned a shocking news to his fans at the beginning of last July. The father of a family separated from the mother of his children after living together for twelve years. Clémence Castel and he now take separate paths and live their lives on their own. But as he puts it so well, their children remain as witnesses of their past love. Louis and Marin, born in 2012 and 2014, are surrounded by their parents despite the separation of his last. In addition, Mathieu Johann has found a wonderful person in his eyes with whom he now shares his life. This is Badia, a psychologist and mother of a little girl. The couple displays their affection on social networks and this obviously reassures fans of the 40-year-old dad.

But in the midst of it all, the old one Star Academy has been suffering from an illness for years. Limited in his actions, he set out to meet specialists in Paris for treatment. He has suffered from a herniated disc for two years now. On November 19, he shared the photo of a hospital corridor on his Instagram account, recounting his discomfort. He then told his 20,000 subscribers that he was going to undergo infiltrations in an attempt to treat his herniated disc. And he therefore adds that he risks having an operation if the infiltrations are not effective.

The old one Star Academy is well surrounded to face this ordeal

Worried about the outcome and ending up in the hospital, especially in these times of pandemic, Mathieu Johann is still reassured to be in good hands. Indeed, the former of the Star Academy extols the merits of the doctors at his bedside and of the hospital that takes care of him.

In addition, he remains positive because whatever happens, he knows that he will be able to live a life without suffering and that he will no longer be limited in his activities as in the last two years. Aware that many people suffer in silence and that hospitals have been very busy lately, Mathieu Johann does not forget to salute the exemplary work of nursing staff and to remind his subscribers to take care of them. We just have to hope that everything goes well for Louis and Marin’s dad.

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