A statement from the Kingdom’s embassy in Tunisia regarding the killing of a Saudi citizen at the hands of his Tunisian wife’s brother in Bizerte

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Republic of Tunisia received, with great sadness and sorrow, the news of the death of a Saudi citizen while he was in the city of Bizerte in Tunisia.

And out of the concern of the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for citizens abroad, and with reference to what was circulated by some media outlets, the embassy would like to clarify that it has followed up the details of the tragic accident since it occurred with the concerned authorities in Tunisia, where it was found that the deceased was killed by the brother of his Tunisian wife, and that the case is under consideration. In the Tunisian courts, and accordingly, the embassy would like to confirm that it is following with great interest the course of the case under consideration in the judiciary with the concerned authorities, and that it is fully confident in the justice of the Tunisian judiciary.

The embassy would also like to clarify that it has completed all the necessary procedures with the Tunisian authorities, and the body of the deceased, may God have mercy on him, has been transferred to the Kingdom.

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