A study of performances that employed heritage in the Emirati theater

On behalf of the Heritage Authority in Sharjah, the Iraqi writer and journalist Dhafer Jalloud published his book “Heritage in the Emirati Theater: Manifestations of Employment and Manifestations of Inspiration.” It is, as stated in the submission, “a study and critical sociological reading of theatrical performances that employed heritage in the Emirati theater as authoring and directing with criticism and analysis since its inception in the late fifties of the last century until now. Thus, he monitored a deep experience and cultural cognitive integration witnessed by the Emirati theater, starting with the public squares that witnessed popular theatrical performances taken from Arab folklore stories, and in some of them from the tales of One Thousand and One Nights, until deepening the experience and awareness towards the establishment of theatrical groups that took traditional theaters as a place to present their performances. to the public.”
The book also includes follow-ups of performances that were presented to pioneers and speakers in local theater festivals through an analytical vision of the depth of experience, starting from exercises to performing with the audience, addressing the names and performances of the ruler of Sharjah, Sheikh Dr. And Ismail Abdullah, Jamal Matar, Salem Al-Hatawi, Abdullah Saleh, Saleh Karama, and Basema Younes, who are names that “put the Emirati theater in the forefront with Arab theatrical experiences, and won valuable prizes from that.”
The author had published the beginning of this year after his book “Aristophanes Pioneer of Critical Comedy” on the Department of Culture in Sharjah.

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