News A study to value women's musical creation during the...

A study to value women’s musical creation during the 19th century


Garrigosa’s recera has allowed to compile a list of 25 composers, almost all born in Barcelona, ​​but also in Sabadell, Terrassa, Palma or Milà, who made a significant musical creation in the nineteenth century and, especially, 19th-20th centuries, during Catalan modernism, a time of political, social and cultural transformation in which they played an important role. More than half of the studied composers dedicated themselves to music.
Garrigosa has systematized and indexed a repertoire that had not been studied so far, which includes a total of 500 works, and includes from the first composer whose reference is, Maria Dolors Vedruna (1810-), to the Behind the subject of this thesis, Maria Lluïsa Ponsa (1879-1919), passing through Maria Lluïsa Casagemas (1873-1942), considered the most professional of all.
The thesis, read at the UAB on March 10 and qualified as cum laude, makes new contributions to nineteenth-century Catalan musical baggage, such as the first musical work written by a woman was Música para pianoforte (1820), by Maria Dolors Vedruna, who saw his plays performed in a privileged space such as the one at the Santa Creu Theater. Also the first Catalan lied of a woman: Suspirs (1876) by Agnès Armengol (1852-1932), who composed the music and the lyrics.
And especially the finding of the score by Schiava e Regina, by Maria Lluïsa Casagemas, the first woman to write an opera in Catalonia, in 1892, at the age of seventeen, and which was already known year 2017.
In addition, Garrigosa has found the reference to works that, despite knowing their existence, the score has not yet been found, as the news of the second Catalan composer of an opera: Josefina Abella, who wrote Glorianda (1897) and it was premiered in the Liceu practical theater in 1898.
The thesis also reflects how these women, who came from a cultured social class and diverse political thoughts, made changes that had a transformative impact on artistic creation, pedagogy, and social awareness. Many of them made a significant commitment to improving the situation for women, fighting for fairer social rights, and expanding access to music for more diverse social strata.



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