“A superfluous, delusional and expensive variant”

Tribune. Recently, the media revealed the abandonment by the State of the pharaonic project of restoration and development of the Grand Palais. The choice is now for a variant of the same project, just as superfluous, delusional and expensive, going well beyond the restoration work necessary to secure the building. For the Palais de la Découverte, it is always a disaster.

This project completely threatens the future of the Palais de la Découverte, imposing on it a five-year closure as of December of this year, the sale or scrapping of almost all of its scientific equipment, then the hypothetical reopening. of a place whose surface and exhibition capacities will be reduced no matter what. “The commission considers that the spaces allocated to the Discovery Palace will increase from 18,624 m2 at 11,314 m2(–39 %) » [selon le rapport de la commission d’enquête publique relative au projet de restauration et d’aménagement du Grand Palais, voir le PDF].

It is financed from public funds, committing 466 million euros for a luxurious and megalomaniac architectural project, while the restoration of the building, essential, requires 137 million euros and meets the prefectural requirements for the opening to the public of the whole. of the Grand Palais. This would respect the integrity of the surfaces of the Discovery Palace and could be done without imposing any closure.

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While the public hospital is exhausted, the culture stricken, that natural and health disasters follow one another, we do not understand that the State is spending 330 million euros more than necessary for a highly questionable project.


The nation needs high quality scientists. The Palais de la Découverte is a place that does more than teach science, it makes people love them!

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Global warming is already affecting and will affect our future lives even more intensely. The population must be able to understand the capital issues it poses and the complex responses that will upset our daily lives. We do not understand the closure of one of the places best able to explain such issues.

For all the above reasons, and because it is urgent to fight against obscurantism, we disapprove, Mr. President of the Republic, the closure for five years of one of our largest science museums, this republican temple. of rationality, which receives 180,000 students and academics each year, when its presence is a matter of pressing necessity.

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