a supermassive black hole disappears, NASA worries

A giant black hole has completely disappeared from NASA screens without a trace, report its scientists in a study published in AAS Journal. It should have appeared in the center of the cluster of galaxies “Abell 2261”, 2.7 billion light years from Earth, can be read on the Chandra X-ray Observatory website on Thursday, December 17th.

Researchers judge the absence of this black hole to be “abnormal”, indicates the site Numerama in its columns. According to the us space agency, “Since the mass of a central black hole generally follows the mass of the galaxy itself, astronomers expect the galaxy at the center of” Abell 2261 “to also contain a competing supermassive black hole. with the weight of some of the largest known black holes in the universe “.

How could he disappear? Astronomers believe that this concentration of mass-energy could have been ejected from the center of the galaxy after a merger two galaxies and the central black holes of each. In fact, such a phenomenon can cause gravitational waves and the “retreat” of the new black hole. This would have moved away from the center of the galaxy in the direction opposite to that of the larger waves.

For now, this hypothesis cannot be confirmed by science, which has never studied mergers of such large black holes. Scientists believe that the mass of this gigantic celestial object is between 3 and 100 billion times that of the sun, details the regional daily West France.

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