A surgeon has found “THE” trick to wear a mask without misting your glasses (photo)

Spectacle wearers all know this problem which handicaps them since the obligation to wear a mask. The moist air that comes out of the mouth, trapped in the mask, rises from the top and slips under the glasses. As a result, the glasses are fogged up and the eyes are also hidden.

To find a solution to this problem, who better than a surgeon, for whom wearing a mask is nothing new?

Daniel Heiferman, a surgeon from Chicago, shared his tip on Twitter, and he didn’t expect it to go around the world! It must be said that it is simple and effective: you just have to tape the mask to your nose using … a plaster!

“This small bandage makes all the difference, not only against fogging but also to prevent the mask from falling under the nose”, explains the 30-year-old on Twitter.

His tweet has already been liked more than 170,000 times. “I’m surprised at how far it’s taken, it’s unexpected, but I’m happy to see people wondering about the right way to wear the mask. This is a very good sign. “

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