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The same bum in the middle end.

Disclaimer. My experience and my conclusions are not advice for action. This is just a story, and I do not claim to be objective in my judgments..

I had a GTX 1070 ti, a good card, a cold card. Gave me a lot of pleasant gaming joys. But the time has come for Ray Tracing, and with each new release, I wanted to touch the new technology more and more. Although the 1070 ti was still pulling, it was still time for her to rest.

Sleep well baby

At first I was looking for a new one in stores. Even after a serious drop in the prices of video cards, everything seemed expensive. After all, I bought my 1070 ti for 35k in beautiful 2018. Now the RTX 3070 is at least 45 thousand for not the best version.

It’s expensive to be a gamer with rays.

Below options are not considered. Because, judging by the tests, the RTX 3060 ti is only 55% faster than the GTX 1070ti, but the RTX 3070 is 80%. Good growth.

1070ti is taken as a reference

As a result, for the first time in my life I decided to take a used video card. Began wool Avito. The price range is from 25,000 to “no matter how much it is a pity.” By the way, you can find 3070 even cheaper, but there is one caveat, it has a chip from a laptop version. So, I immediately decided for myself to take a card with a guarantee. Now it remains to decide on the vendor and version of the video card. I did not want to spend more than 30 – 35 thousand. After a long review of reviews and repair channels for video cards, a hierarchy has developed in my head from best to worst: EVGA> Asus> MSI> Colorful> PALIT> Gigabyte> new Chinese brands. Asus and MSI fit into my budget, but EVGA turned out to be more expensive (about 40,000), I did not consider other options (maybe in vain). As a result, the choice fell on the following models:

During the search, I learned that all these models can be ordered on Ali, so I wanted a video card with a receipt from a well-known store in Russia. It is not known what the Chinese did with the video card before it was sold.

The search was tedious and fun. There was one Asus TUF, in the ad from which it was said that it was bought in a large chain of stores, when checking the name of the store it turned out that this was a booth with iron from the 2000s. Here’s another, a guarantee from their own service, in which this vidyaha was repaired, probably. A guarantee from a legal entity, which can only be applied through this same legal entity. Otherwise, a box was attached to the video cards and that’s it. A couple of times I came across ads in which the seller honestly admitted that he was mining on it.

Miner without socks

As a result, the choice fell on the MSI RTX 3070 Ventus 3x. She had a seal (although these seals on Ali are sold in whole sheets inexpensively), she looked in perfect condition, there was a check from a well-known store (electronic 🧐).

Arranged with the seller to meet at his home, and agreed that we will check. Came to the seller. Furmark was launched for 10 minutes, GPU-Z was opened. Everything was fine, but at one point, when Furmark was working, the seller went to look for a check in the mail, and then the screen quickly blinked. I became uncomfortable. Another ten minutes they were looking for a check, the card worked, no oddities were observed. All the same, I decided to buy it, keeping in mind that she blinked (monitor, browser, driver, Furmark). I began to reassure myself that everything is fine, it’s all just a bug, most likely due to Furmark. The seller pulled it out of the case. I examined the video card. The seal is in place, the case is in perfect condition, the radiator is not dirty, the thermal pads look native (gray). I paid 30,000 rubles dear to me. And I went to put it in the computer.

And here she is in her new home.

The map is not without flaws. There is no backlight, the backplate is plastic (MSI claims that it is graphene and transfers heat), thermal pads flow (according to repairmen), the backplate is not the entire length of the card, which looks moronic.

Terrible case. A couple of days after the acquisition, I played GoW. I play, get high and suddenly a glitch, it probably seemed. Then again, and again at the bottom of the screen, and then the game crashed, although it had never crashed on the old video card. And then I realized that I had screwed up. I restarted the computer, GoW again, the same thing again, glitches and a crash. Then I realized the worst mistake that I did not check the memory when buying. With convulsive hands I downloaded MSI Kombuster, passed a memory stress test in it, everything is fine. I downloaded 3dMark, in which I ran a stress test with ray tracing (it loads memory well), ten runs, and everything is fine. Launched Ghotam Knights, half an hour of play, everything is fine again. Even tried to check the video memory with Mats mods but couldn’t get it to run properly.

Mats mods, run from a bootable flash drive.

I’ve gone over everything. The next day, with a bad feeling, I launched GoW, dropped the settings to minimum, then back to maximum. And you know… everything is fine. A couple of days ago I went through it to the end, having played about 10 hours on a new map. GoW has good video memory, it reached 7 GB of download. Now I’m playing Ghotam Knights, the flight is normal.

I’m pleased with the purchase. Perfect for 1080p with ray tracing. I got high from the increased performance, launched Quake 2 RTX, tasted the divine rays in the same Ghotam Knights. To be honest, ray tresing impressed me, but not for long. If you switch between normal graphics and ray tracing, the graphics are more realistic, but not always prettier. In the same Ghotam Knight, ray tracing reflections are very noisy, SSR is better. I will try again, the same Metro Exodus and Cyberpunk 2077. Well, for now, these are my impressions.

The Witcher 3 with ray tracing, I’m ready for you

To all those who decided to go down the used road, what would I do:

  1. Take with a receipt and a guarantee from a well-known store. For example, a list of stores is listed on MSI’s website.
  2. Check the chip with Furmark for at least ten minutes.
  3. Check video memory (for example MSI Kombuster, relevant for video cards with 8 GB or less)
  4. Study the video channels of repairmen, and choose more reliable versions of video cards.
  5. Pray to Kozhanka or Lizka.
  6. ….
  7. Profit.

You are fool

I would sit further on the 1070ti

RTX 3070 no longer pulls anything

Should have bought the RX 6800

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