a teacher makes fun of her students’ physique in a TikTok video, “grossophobia … even racism” (videos)

In recent days, a TikTok video has shaken the town of Herstal. On the social network, a teacher from Saint-Lambert College saw fit to make a video in which she noted the physique of her own students and her son’s knowledge. Accompanied by the latter, she continues the remarks particularly offensive and degrading towards the main stakeholders. “5, because she is a little pale, not very pretty and spotty”, “4, on the verge of suicide”, “too big a nose. 2. Ugly, ugly, ugly ”,“ Oh what horror, horrible, 0 ”, she laughs.

The video was made during the Christmas holidays. And quickly reached 75,000 views, before being deleted. With the start of the school year on Monday, the matter went back to the school administration. “Both the approach, the content and the distribution of this video seem to me to be completely unacceptable”, reacted Monday Antonella Vaccaro, director of the 2nd and 3rd degree of the College Saint-Lambert, at the microphone of RTL Info. “The professor has been heard and we are investigating. Once the clarity has been made, the organizing power will take the necessary measures, ”she adds.

This Tuesday, one of the young people targeted by the critics wanted to speak to our colleagues at RTL Info. Luka does not attend the school but is one of the contacts of the teacher’s son. “We were all in shock. We didn’t realize too much. We did not expect a release from this person to whom we had never spoken ”, explains the teenager. “I find that a little immature of her. (…) Everything was physical, whether it was grossophobia, even racism against a friend of mine who is Asian. And it’s complicated to say that we are in 2021 and that there are still people who attack for free, just to be mean, young people who have necessarily done nothing or said nothing or asked for nothing. simply ”.


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