A teacher suffering from lust leads her to sleep with her beautiful student and gets pregnant after losing her virginity.. You won’t believe how this happened!

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An incident like a fairy tale, which occurred in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently, and caused a sensation on social media platforms.

The events of this incident witnessed the city of Dammam in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, and its victim was a student in the third year of secondary school, who has a charming beauty,

He made her teacher show an unusual interest in her, and she saw it with her eyes and demeanor when she was talking to her
Inspite of that,

The student did not do anything, but considered it discrimination for her in that teacher, so she began exchanging some peeks, which prompted her teacher to approach her more.

Things developed at a remarkable speed, and the girl was not able to think well because of her young age and lack of life experience.

The school was planning well for what it wanted, so it would choose times to ask that girl from class with different pretexts without anyone noticing that, and she started getting closer to her little by little,

She assures her that she has become a part of her life and her thinking and that they should never separate. The girl did not accept that, but she also did not reject it! That’s what helped the teacher to get closer.

Then the matter began to develop, from touching hands to some lightning kisses, which quickly turned into a relationship.. Several months passed like this and one day, the girl’s mother was surprised by some change that began to occur in her daughter,

The girl began to suffer from vomiting and feel dizzy for which she did not know the reason, so the mother immediately took her to one of the nearby clinics, and there was the big surprise when the doctor told her that this is one of the effects of pregnancy.

The mother went mad, and she was unable to speak from the horror and strength of the shock. Her daughter was never out of her sight, especially in recent months, as they rarely went out of the house. The mother and daughter walked out of the clinic and headed home.

The girl did not think that a disaster was coming on the way, and she thought that the matter was just a symptom that would go away with the treatment, while the mother was unable to think or act, so she remained silent all the way and all she thought about was the scandal that befell them! What will people say? relatives and neighbours,

And acquaintances?, O Lord, Aster. Those were the only words that the mother uttered out loud, and when the girl asked her, “What is the matter with him?”.. She did not answer her, as the shock of shock is still controlling her.

And when they reached the house, the mother called her daughter and started to drag her to talk, hoping to find out who was the perpetrator. The girl did not know the reason for that look! But she knew there was something big about it. The mother asked her directly who is your friend? And where did you meet him? And when?

These questions came down to a high school student like a thunderbolt! What any friend? She tried to defend her confidence that there was none of this. The mother replied without hesitation, so this pregnancy came from the air? She replied which pregnancy and who is pregnant!?.

She said, “And who else?” and how? And where? Answer me, speak, you will expose us among the people. God suffices me and He is the best agent. What should we do with this calamity?

The girl was not believing, as she had not slept with a man and no one approached her, so how could that happen, and in the face of her insistence and denial, the mother had no choice but to tell the father, who was in a state of agitation and hysteria,

He almost killed the girl had it not been for the intervention of her brothers and to prevent him from reaching her. She was unable to resist, so she confessed to her mother that she had been in a relationship with her teacher for about seven months. The mother did not believe her and thought that she was covering up the perpetrator. She tried hard and in various ways to convince her that the perpetrator should be pursued to fix his mistake, marry her and manage the scandal.

However, the girl insisted that the only relationship she had had is with her teacher only, with her insistence and the failure of the parents to believe what she said, her father took her to the police station, perhaps fear prompted her to confess, but to no avail, she is really honest and swore to the officer that she was telling the truth.

The officer asked her: Where does your teacher live and is she married? She said: Yes, she is married, and she directed them to her place of residence. The officer had a suspicion that the teacher’s husband was behind it, as she was the only clue he had.

The teacher was summoned and soon admitted that she was in a relationship with the girl, and that she was having sex with her, but she completely denied that she had seduced the girl for the benefit of her husband or even tried to do so, so the officer began to ask her about when and how they had sex and are there certain tools?

After the officer read the teacher’s confessions, he found no evidence that the husband was involved!!
But he came back and read the file well until he read that the teacher came late one day and found the girl in the classroom corridor, and her vision and looks aroused her,

The school did not have a class in the first class, and as usual, she asked her permission from the class teacher, that she wanted her to help her with some class work, as she always did. In her confession, she says that the reason for her delay in the day was the husband’s insistence on having intercourse with her.

And that she came to school immediately after intercourse, and her meeting with the girl was an opportunity for her, as she is still in a state of revolution, as she did not reach the peak, so the time and time were suitable for them, and this was the last time that they practiced their relationship while they were completely naked, but it was not the first,

When school is quiet, especially in the first lessons, they find time to go deeper. But he also did not find anything to convince him of the husband’s involvement, despite his certainty that there was something. The girl was transferred to the nursing home, and she spent dark days in which she almost went crazy!! how did that happen ?.

She carries a child and does not know a father! . She returned after the fetus had grown in her womb and asked the investigating officer, and when she came she was in a state of intense crying and screaming, “By God, I have never slept with a man in my life, so how can I get pregnant!!”.

“I swear to God that I had nothing to do with anything other than my teacher. May God have mercy on your parents. There is a solution. You must find a sure solution in it.” The officer sat in his office and was assured that the girl was sincere, so her situation did not allow otherwise, and he decided to take action with which all his doubts about the husband’s connection in the matter would be removed.

And he called the husband, who did not know anything about all these events, and the surprise was resounding, he did not believe at first what he heard, he tried hard to control himself as much as possible..

The officer asked him: Are you sure that you don’t know the girl and you haven’t met her? You have to know that this girl was completely destroyed and he started reminding him of God and punishment in this world and the hereafter, assuming that the husband had a role in the matter? The husband replied:

I did not do that and I do not know this girl, and if she was accusing me of this, then they brought her to say it herself and to get to know me. The officer replied, I have an easier idea, and she is the judge in this matter?

The husband replied directly, I agree. What is it? DNA told him, he did not hesitate and agreed to that. After that the results proved that it appeared to the husband! After confronting him with the officer, he denied it completely, so the officer asked him: Where were you on such-and-such a month in such-and-such a month?

He said in the same month, I was delegated by my work, and you can verify that, and in fact on the day the pregnancy occurred, it was proven that the man left his house and he was a colleague of his delegated with him waiting for him outside the house and went directly to the airport!

How did that happen?! On that morning the husband and his wife had sexual intercourse and caused her delay, the teacher did not take a bath. She said there is no time when I come back from school to take a shower, and she did not think that the remnants of the husband’s water were still stuck to her, and it came down to the girl and leaked to her and she did not feel it, but she did not feel that her virginity had passed because of the persistence and turmoil that occurs between them.

After the husband was sure of this, he divorced his wife, married the girl and divorced her on the second day, and he did so to formally prove his paternity to the child.

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