a teacher violently expels a pupil from her class, “we have organized a crisis meeting”

Since Friday, a somewhat challenging video has been circulating on social networks. We see a teacher from the Sint-Godelieve Institute in Lennik, Flemish Brabant, violently expelling a student from her class.

According to information from our colleagues at HLN, tensions have erupted between the teacher and her student because the young girl wanted to eat a cookie in class. The student ended up in the hallway, something she did not accept and she allegedly tried to return to the classroom. The teacher then reportedly lost her temper and started to be more violent with the teenager. She allegedly punched and pushed the student and pulled his hair, reports Het Laatste Nieuws. On the video, we also see another young woman who tried to intervene. The scene was filmed by students present, and shared on social networks.

Questioned by our Flemish colleagues, the director of the establishment Lieve De Smet assured that the incident was taken very seriously by the management. “We organized a crisis meeting. We heard from the teacher and the student, but also the parents. It seems that things that shouldn’t have happened have happened on both sides ”.

The director also condemned the broadcast of the sequence on social networks. “Students who have filmed should be aware that they have violated the privacy of those they have filmed. This also applies to the young people who broadcast the videos ”.


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