Technology A teaser of the Belgian series Netflix "In the...

A teaser of the Belgian series Netflix “In the Night” about a global catastrophe appeared


Netflix published a teaser of the first Belgian series “At night”created specifically for the service.

The thriller was inspired by the science fiction novel of Polish writer Jacek Dukai “Old Axolotl”. The plot tells of a global catastrophe, due to which the rays of the Sun for some reason begin to kill everything in its path.

This will be known to passengers and the crew of a night flight from Brussels, who, in the light of the threat, are trying to fly west – into saving darkness. They all want to survive a dangerous flight, but passions constantly run high on the road.

The author of the project is the producer “Narco” Jason George, who wrote all six episodes of the project.

He has no exact release date yet, but the release is due to take place this year.

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