A technical shock shook Jordan and woke up to its tragedy..this is what happened to the daughter of the founder of Birds of Paradise (Khaled Miqdad). !

The pioneers of social networking sites circulated news about the rejection of the family of Khaled Miqdad for his daughter Jana Miqdad, the star of the Birds of Paradise.

And many followers on social media confirmed that the Miqdad family is now neglecting their daughter Jana, because of her younger brother, Sandow. Some revealed that most of the things that the family was doing

Jana was the one who occupied most of the pictures, especially in the arms of her father, Khaled Al-Miqdad, but today she has become very marginalized, so that some think that she has been ostracized.

Many of the followers commented on this matter with shocking statements, and in monitoring the comments, it was stated, “Forget the girl for the boy,” “Asham was not the same, Abu Al-Waleed,” “You must be a support for your son, not your daughter,” “Pay more attention to your daughter.”

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