A teenager violently attacked in Namur: 2 new suspects arrested

Two new suspects have been arrested following the violent assault of a 15-year-old boy on Monday in Namur, the Namur prosecutor’s office said on Wednesday. Two suspects had already been arrested. The case was put on trial for extortion as well as premeditated assault and battery.

Many of you have alerted us to an assault that occurred on Monday, October 11 in Namur. This information circulated on social networks and was accompanied by the swollen face of a young man on a hospital bed. “Ethan, 15, was assaulted yesterday after 4 p.m. at Namur station. This city becomes Chicago”, one person wrote.

The Namur prosecutor’s office had confirmed to us that an assault took place on Monday afternoon. It did not occur at Namur station as claimed by publications on social networks but avenue Jean Ier. The victim is a 15-year-old who lives in the arrondissement of Namur. “This is a fairly violent assault. It is a settling of scores between people who know each other”, explained the press magistrate Audrey Seminara.

The victim’s father, Patrick, refutes the Namur prosecution version and the idea that it is a settling of scores. According to him, his son was brutally assaulted after having maintained a relationship with a girl whose entourage would not have accepted the affair.

Ethan believes that “the attackers accused him of dating a girl of Chechen origin”

Ethan claims that “two Chechens arrived, shook hands with him and asked him to come”. He pursues: “They told me they knew I was talking to a Chechen girl, they asked me to show my phone and they found the messages”. The young man says he was beaten for an hour at the foot of the Citadel. “We were in a place where there was no one there and they asked me to kneel down and I refused, that’s when they all jumped on me and hit me.”, he adds. According to him, the individuals accused him of having had an affair with a girl in their community.

For Ethan’s Father, Patrick, “they wanted to make an example to say that Belgians and non-Belgians do not have the right to date Chechen girls and they literally told her, you will be an example for others, it is violence free “.

The father states that he wants to organize a demonstration in the coming days in Namur, to denounce the violence that would be more and more frequent in the city.

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