a TGV stops to disembark a passenger

The man was disembarked by the railway security agents and fined 135 euros.

By Le Figaro with AFP

A TGV launched at full speed (photo illustration).
A TGV launched at full speed (photo illustration). rochagneux – stock.adobe.com

A passenger who refused to wear a mask was disembarked Sunday afternoon from his TGV during a special stop at the Creusot station (Saône-et-Loire), SNCF said on Monday.

The TGV Paris-Nice should not normally stop before Marseille, but the Railway Security (Suge) had to intervene “for an injunction to get off the train, due to an individual who refused to wear a mask on board“, The company told AFP.

The constraint can be used by railway security officers “if the individual refuses to comply, which was the case with this individual”, She specified, citing article L 2241-6 of the transport code. The man disembarked manu militari was also fined 135 euros, according to SNCF.

«Our SNCF security agents are sworn in and authorized to issue a ticket for not wearing a mask. They are also used to force the recalcitrant to leave the train for ‘disturbing public order’», Commented Alain Krakovitch, general manager of SNCF Voyages. “Too bad to get there, but everyone’s health and safety is our priorityHe tweeted.


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