A thousand candidates compete in Valais

The Valaisans elect their municipal representatives on Sunday. A thousand candidates, about 27% of whom are women, compete for the 730 seats in the 122 municipalities of the canton.

In the last municipal elections, four years ago, the PDC won 44% of the vote, the PLR ​​27%, the PS 10%, the UDC 5% and the Greens 0.2%. All hope to keep their achievements, or even progress.

The PDC, whose score eroded by ten points in the 2019 federal election, remains confident. The competition promises to be tough especially in the Val de Bagnes and Collombey-Muraz where the party could well lose its majority because of the business that splashed the two municipalities.

Greens and women scrutinized

All parties also have their eyes on the Greens. During the federal elections last year in particular, the party showed that it was capable of progress. With currently only one elected to the municipal council of Sion, it targets other urban executives but also mountain municipalities sensitive to the environmental cause.

He will find on his way the PDC, the PLR ​​and the UDC which also intends to expand its representation in the cities. As for the PS, he hopes not to bear the brunt of a possible green breakthrough.

Women are also an important issue in this election which should set the tone for the cantonal elections of March 2021. The Greens and the Socialists present quasi-equal lists.

Stability expected in cities

In township towns, observers expect some stability. Stability also expected in Naters, the only municipality with a national councilor among the candidates, in this case the outgoing UDC Franz Ruppen.

For lack of candidates, the election will be tacit in 25 small municipalities including three French-speaking (Veysonnaz, Bourg-Saint-Pierre and Collonges). There are clearly no official candidates in seven Haut-Valaisan municipalities where any citizen will therefore be eligible.



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