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Thousand trades“Not only did it mark an era in Peruvian television, but it also launched young actors who were then relatively new to fame, such as Magdyel Ugaz, Michael Finseth, Lucho Cáceres, Olga Zumarán, Vanessa Jerí and César Ritter, whom they would later join. Germán Loero, Connie Chaparro, among others.

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When I arrive “A thousand trades” Nobody imagined that it would become a cult series in Peru on the small screen. Within months of being released, the program produced by Efrain Aguilar it became one of the productions with the highest audience on national television, based on the main theme: unemployment, one of the most persistent social and economic problems in the country.

Around the Peruvian series there are myths and truths that over the years have been revealed, even by its own protagonists. The mime Efraín Aguilar told details of “A Thousand Trades” that few knew. In an interview for Trade, the producer pointed out that the series did not end well, due to the conflict of interest between the judicial administrations of Panamericana TV (those of Ernesto Schutz Freundt and Genaro Delgado Párker). Which forced him to leave the channel with part of my production team and a group of actors.

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Connie Chaparro joined the main cast of “Thousand offices” replacing Magdyel Ugaz (Photo: Panamericana TV)

In fact, in one of the most important events of “A thousand trades” it was when, considered the best production of the moment, a talent drain occurred. Prior to the start of the third season, the judicial problems that the channel was going through caused a part of the team of actors to leave the series to start a new one this time on Frequency Latina (Now Latina): “Habla Barrio”. To this series were César Ritter, Magdyel Ugaz, Mónica Torres, Lucho Cáceres, Michael Finseth, Vanessa Jerí, Sandra Arana and Christian Thorsen. Which caused new characters to be introduced.


In that transition, Efraín Aguilar remained his main group of actors, which led him to introduce new characters to the story. The funny thing was that the character of Magdyel Ugaz, Mariana Roca Palacios was the only role that only changed the interpreter. The then debutant Connie Chaparro entered the main cast replacing Magdyel.

“When Magdyel goes to another channel, she is replaced by Connie Chaparro. It was Connie’s debut on television. “, said Efraín Aguilar to Trade in 2012.

Years later, the radio host also told about her arrival on the series. Connie Chaparro revealed that a casting boss encouraged her to audition for the series “A Thousand Trades”, as a replacement for Magdyel Ugaz. Although, I had already taken some acting workshops, this would be the first time that I would try to get a role and it was.

Chaparro was Mariana for a time, before moving to América Televisión to play Jimena Sánchez in the series “This is life”, where he stayed for four years and achieved great popularity among viewers.

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Connie Chaparro revealed that a casting boss encouraged her to audition for the series “A Thousand Trades” (Photo: Instagram / Connie Chaparro)


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