A tool to calculate the COVID risk of your activities

The federal government wants to allow Canadian citizens to calculate the risk of exposure to COVID-19 during visits or gatherings.

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The National Institute on Aging at Ryerson University has created a web platform that allows you to check if your plans are safe.

The easy-to-use tool is based on “the best scientific research and the advice of experts in infectious diseases, public health and epidemiology”.

Users are invited, anonymously, to provide various information such as their age, state of health and vaccination.

The short questionnaire, which takes about three minutes to complete, also allows you to establish your compliance with health measures, such as wearing a mask or distancing.

The contamination rate in your community is also taken into consideration.

Once the software has all the information it needs, it diagnoses your activity indicating whether you face a low, moderate, high, or very high risk of being infected with COVID-19.

A personalized report is also generated to help the user understand the level of risk associated with the planned visit or gathering.


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