A touching interactive poem announced on consoles and PC

Annapurna Interactive and Cloister Interactive announce A Memoir Blue, a narrative adventure which will undoubtedly make you shed a few tears.

Sad and wonderful memories

A Memoir Blue will put you in the shoes of Miriam, a swimming champion who will dive back into her memories after listening to a song from her past. We will relive the moments of her childhood when she was a champion in the making, but especially when she shared these moments with her mother. She will try to reconnect with the child of her past by browsing environments mixing handmade drawings and 3D. However, we will have to wait for a little more information to have a more concrete vision of the gameplay. In any case, the trailer is here to draw tears to your eyes.

A Memoir Blue is scheduled for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC consoles at an undetermined date.

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