A traffic accident in Cuba leaves four dead and five injured

A car in Havana, Cuba.
Yander zamora

Four people died and five others were injured in a massive accident occurred this Wednesday in a section of the central highway of Cuba near the town of El Perico, in the province of Sancti Spíritus, local media report. The event took place in the morning when a truck carrying a move from the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba invaded the opposite path and collided with another similar, which caused his fall down a slope off the road, according to the newspaper Escambray, from Sancti Spíritus. It also clarifies that both the deceased and the injured were traveling in the vehicle that was heading from Santiago to Havana.

Two of the injured people are reported in serious condition at the Camilo Cienfuegos general hospital, in the central Cuban province. One of them has multiple fractures in the lower limbs, which requires surgical intervention, and the other patient suffered a pulmonary contusion plus rib fractures, as explained by a specialist in surgery from that institution. The traffic police authorities carry out the pertinent investigations to determine the causes of the accident.

A report from the National Road Safety Commission released in mid-May recorded 2,403 accidents between January and April of this year that caused 1,804 injuries and 155 deaths, which averages one accident every hour and 12 minutes, one death every 20 hours and one injured every one hour and 36 minutes. This analysis indicated that 67% of the accidents registered in Cuba in that period had as main causes the breach of the right of way, failure to control the vehicle, speeding, the irresponsibility of pedestrians and technical defects of the vehicles. cars, among others. The poor condition of the roads and the island’s aging automobile fleet, where cars with more than half a century old pass, also affect.

Accidents, including traffic accidents, have been the fifth leading cause of death in Cuba for several years.


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