A tragedy shakes an American state.. a girl was raped and prevented from having an abortion

I captured the case of a baby girl I was raped The ban on abortion has attracted the attention of the American street during the past few days, while the prohibition of abortions in Ohio continues to raise controversy after the entry into force of the new law.

A 10-year-old girl was prevented from having an abortion after the US Supreme Court ruled last week that Roe v. Wade (which allowed abortion) be overturned, demonstrating the devastating effects of this decision on many girls and women, especially the sick. .

Headed to Indiana

In detail, the story began when a child abuse doctor in Ohio called Dr. Caitlin Bernard, an obstetrician and gynecologist in Indiana, after she received a 10-year-old who was six weeks and three days pregnant, according to The Hill.

The girl had to go to Indiana to have an abortion after she was banned in Ohio, where she lives.

Allow medical cases

Despite the state that has rocked the American public, Indiana lawmakers are pressing for the state to enact its own abortion restrictions, which could force women and girls seeking a medical procedure to travel far to do so.

While many critics and civil society activists asserted that the girl’s case showed the devastating impact of the Supreme Court’s decision, which will result in forcing other children of rape victims to carry their pregnancies to term.

sharp criticism

For his part, North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein, a Democrat who has criticized the Supreme Court’s decision, called laws that prohibit girls from getting abortions “crazy.” “Abusive 10-year-old victim denied abortion in Ohio because she was 3 days out of 6 weeks pregnant. This is crazy. She’s 10 years old!” he tweeted.

It is noteworthy that abortions in Ohio were banned after a new law entered into force last Wednesday, while the Ohio Supreme Court rejected requests received on Friday for an emergency suspension of the abortion ban.

So far, abortion is still legal in Indiana, but later this month the state may pass a law banning the medical procedure.

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