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A trial of Tecamachalco Security for the death of ministerial agents in Puebla

They were linked to process the secretary of Security Of the municipality of Tecamachalco, Alerting Santizo, its listen and one policeman by death of three ministerial agents from the state of Puebla.

The Attorney General of the State of Puebla informs the connection to the process of Alejandro “N”, Hipólito “N” and Jaquelin “N”, investigated for their alleged responsibility in the deprivation of the life of three State Investigation Agents in Tecamachalco ”, it was pointed out in a statement.

At the hearing to resolve the legal situation of the accused persons, the agent of the Public Ministry exhibited evidence data regarding the events that occurred on November 19, 2021.

The judge determined to bind the Secretary of Public Security of Tecamachalco to the process, Alejandro  Santizo, and his escort Hipólito “N”, for the crimes of aggravated qualified homicide, aggravated qualified injuries, possession of a firearm for the exclusive use of the army, Armada and Air Force.

Further, Santizo He will face charges for improper use of the uniform and improper exercise of the public function.

Meanwhile, the municipal police Jaquelin “N” She was linked to a process for concealment and crimes against the administration of justice.

While the follow-up research process continues, Alejandro Santizo e Hipólito “N” they will remain with the precautionary measure of informal preventive detention, while Jaquelin “N” with justified preventive detention.

The Mexican authorities are investigating the murder of three ministerial agents of the Puebla Attorney General, who were allegedly killed by police in the municipality of Tecamachalco.

The events took place on December 19, during a persecution against alleged criminals that led to a shooting in the Plinth of this poblano municipality.

The Attorney General of Puebla, Gilberto HigueraHe assured that he cannot provide details of the investigation so as not to hinder the processes, however he explained that the ministerial agents were doing their job when they were assassinated.

He said that three agents died from shots to the head and stated that it is “evident that there was a specific shooting position to shoot our personnel”, in addition to defending that the ministerials never fired.

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