a trial to find out if “black lives matter”

In February 2020, the death of this 25-year-old black jogger, chased and shot by white men in the small town of Brunswick, caused a shock wave and added to the anti-racist mobilizations of summer 2020. The opening the trial of his murderers has revived fears of two-speed justice.

Monday, October 18, in the residential neighborhood of Satilla Shores, in the small town of Brunswick, Georgia, “There was hardly any trace of the tragedy that unfolded in these places over a year and a half ago. No trace of the blood spilled by Ahmaud Arbery on February 23, 2020. No memorial with flowers and stuffed animals to remember this 25-year-old black man, who was jogging when he was caught. hunted and shot dead by two white men ”, note the channel’s website NBC News.

About ten miles away at Glynn County Court, for the opening of the trial of his murderers, “A small crowd of activists and religious representatives, black and white, had gathered on the steps of the building”, in order to “Pray collectively for the future of the city and to support the family of Ahmaud Arbery”.

The battle of the jurors

While the first phase of the trial consists of the selection of jurors, “A selection that could take up to two weeks”, highlighted NBC News, there are strong fears that these are not representative of



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