A trick Ashraf Zaki used to make Rogina fall in love with him (video) | news

The duo Ashraf Zaki and his wife Rogina talked about the scenes of the beginning of the love story between them, while they were guests on the “Sahranin” program with the artist Amir Karara.

Rogina said that Ashraf Zaki, we have her opinion, told his friend, director Ahmed Shafiq, “I will marry her,” to which Ashraf replied sarcastically: “This happened because she made it difficult for me.”

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Ashraf Zaki added: “I used to see Rogina, a polite and beautiful girl, and this is an important thing in our artistic community, and I felt that there is a state of compatibility between us, as she bears the specifications of the wife I am looking for.”

Amir Karara joked to Ashraf Zaki: “I don’t regret staying after,” to which the latter replied: “A lot.” Ashraf explained that he had made a plan to talk to her and that he did not know where her house was, and there was a friend who told her that I wanted Rogina’s engagement, and she actually helped me until I got under her house .

And Rogina continued: “I was astonished when I saw Ashraf Zaki under my house and he asked me more than once to participate with him in a play because he was our lecturer at the institute.

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