A truck carrying a large crane hits a bridge in Farciennes: it threatens to collapse, the national road is closed

Many of you contacted us via the orange button Alert us this afternoon to warn us that a truck carrying a crane had hit a bridge on the N90 near Farciennes towards Charleroi. “Accident, part of the bridge threatens to collapse“Damien writes to us. “Traffic stopped on the N90“, confirms our correspondent. There is a big traffic jam with this large road which is closed in both directions.

Contacted, the police zone concerned confirms that an accident has occurred and that this requires the closure of the road. Following this accident, the bridge is now threatening to collapse. As a result, traffic was closed in both directions. At 2 p.m., an engineer was on site to check the stability of the infrastructure. A crisis meeting is planned between the authorities and the SPW.

According to our information, traffic jams are currently limited. But the vehicles already engaged find themselves stranded.

Deviations will be put in place:

  • Deviation towards Charleroi: N98 in Moignelée, E42 in Sambreville towards Mons, A54 in Thiméon towards Charleroi
  • Deviation towards Namur: N568 at Farciennes, A54 towards Nivelles, E42 at Thiméon towards Liège, N98 at Sambreville

The police, present on the spot, calls for caution.

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More information to come.

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