a truck driver killed by a gendarme near Montauban

A truck driver of about 35 years, tested positive for cocaine and having refused to obey the police, was killed Friday by a gendarme near Montauban after a mad chase, told AFP the prosecution.

Known to the police, the driver had been convicted several times, including three for driving without insurance, said the prosecutor of Montauban Laurent Czernik, who opened an investigation for “willful violence resulting in death without intention of giving it” .

This case comes after the death since early July of a police officer and a young gendarme, both killed by motorists refusing to obey the police.

Friday afternoon, the driver, who was transporting parcels, was first reported to the gendarmerie on a departmental road by a motorist because of his dangerous driving. Arrested by the police, he tested “positive for cocaine”. But he fled and was immediately chased by the gendarmes.

“The gendarmes try to stop him with some sort of harrow but do not succeed. A gendarme located on a roundabout signals him to comply. Not only does he not stop but he seems to be heading towards him. “, indicates the magistrate.

A chase then begins on the A20 which at this point acts as the bypass east of Montauban. “A gendarmerie car manages to overtake him and gets in the way to stop him but they do not stop him”, continues the prosecutor.

– Police vehicle crashed –

The driver “hits the gendarmerie vehicle over several meters with at least one gendarme on board. A second gendarmerie vehicle manages to overtake it. A gendarme stands on the side and in principle fires four times”, injuring him fatally, according to the magistrate.

The truck driver loses control of his vehicle, near the Montauban-Sud tollbooth, and his truck catches fire. The gendarmes brought him first aid, the firefighters and the Samu arrive and try to resuscitate him but he is quickly declared dead.

Firefighters then extinguished the flames that had spread through the brush near the truck, which was completely charred.

At the beginning of July, in the neighboring department of Lot-et-Garonne, a 25-year-old gendarme, ex-French military judo champion, was killed by a man who tried to escape a traffic check and was driving without a license. The young woman who worked in a local brigade, Mélanie Lemée, had been hit at more than 130 km / h.

The suspect, with a criminal record charged for drugs and traffic offenses, was “probably carrying cocaine”, according to the Agen prosecutor’s office. He was indicted for “intentional homicide on a person holding public authority” and imprisoned.

The death of this young gendarme had aroused great emotion in the country. The victim, originally from Normandy, had been decorated with the Legion of Honor near Bordeaux, in the presence of the Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin who had praised his “unfailing commitment”. A few days later, a white march had brought together some 2,000 people in Lot-et-Garonne.

And Thursday, a 43-year-old policeman who worked in the Le Mans night squad died after being struck by a 26-year-old motorist already convicted of refusing to comply, who was trying to flee and was arrested. The victim was married and the father of three daughters.

“There is clearly in society more and more a refusal of authority (…) it is worrying”, then lamented the Minister of the Interior.

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